Friday, November 20, 2009

New toys.....great.

Daddy brought home something special for the boys last night.

{For the record--we NEVER do this kind of thing. Our boys get toys on birthdays and Christmas, and that's pretty much it. And, generally, they don't even get toys from us, because they get so much from the family and our toy closet is already overflowing....I simply don't know what on earth came over my husband yesterday.}

So.....yay! The boys love these, and now, we have little hunters! They shoot at everything that moves, and hide under beds and behind corners to shoot at and scare the daylights out of me at any 'animal' they can find! These wonderful guns even make real shooting sounds--loud ones--and pop out 'real' (plastic) bullets that get left all over the floor for me to step on and about break my toes!! My excitement just overflows!!!


Yes....this is exactly what we need.


{Bring on the dolls please....}


Amanda Hoyt said...

I will be sending you a doll in the next "girly care package!" :)

Stephanie said...

Hilarious little facial expressions in the last picture. I feel your pain. We got bow and arrows this week for the Indian costumes at the dollar store so needless to say, lots of shooting the arrows going on.
I said if this baby IS a girl - I'm going to have to fight hard not to get her a bitty baby. I've been getting the American Girl magazine for years and I'm dying to be able to truly use it!

Julie said...

Love their fierce expressions. So cute.