Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Musings--P.M. edition


~have had a day.

~have been treating a very sick little boy (if you don't already know that from my *friend* Facebook) named Colin and his two little brothers (who are following in his footsteps but do not seem to be as bad off as he is) for acute bronchitis. *Official* diagnosis given today--as if I haven't been through this a million times and didn't know that already, but alright. I mean, really--I enjoy giving the doctor's offices our hard earned money to tell me something I already knew.

~have given 81 nebulizer treatments since last Wednesday. *WHEW.* It's about to become 84.

~have chewed so much Vitamin C in the last few days that I think my teeth may actually be turning an orange-y tint.

~have never seen a fever as high as Colin's on Friday night--105. Can you believe that? Talk about a Momma freaking out over her little boy.....we treated him immediately with a luke-warm shower (which felt freezing to him, poor little guy), cold compresses, and then alternated Tylenol and Ibuprofen for the next several hours. Three hours later, his fever was down to 100.8 and this Momma was feeling much better.

~have never been so close to taking my child to an ER in any of their existences.

~have a van that smells like vomit. Colin coughed so hard on the way to the doctor today that he threw up everywhere. My pulling-the-car-over-as-fast-as-I-could/grabbing-a-plastic-bag-for-him-to-throw-up-in/missing-his-first-launch-by-about-a-second-and-a-half-but-catching-everything-else reaction was pretty much awesome....until I realized after he finished throwing up that said bag had a hole in the bottom, and all the contained throw up was now un-contained and all over him, his car seat, his seat belt, and the van seat. OY. This could only happen to me.

~am thankful that, even though we have been diaperless for a good six months now, I still keep wipes in the car. Thank God for baby wipes. As I was crying in the middle of holding poor Colin--who was still dry-heaving on the side of the interstate at this point--and trying to rack my brain as to what on earth I was going to do about this, I realized that they were the only things I had in the van that were even semi-suitable for cleaning up such a mess.

~have never used that many baby wipes in one sitting since having my babies. Unbelievable.

~am weary....but so thankful that God has answered my one prayer through all of this--to please not let me get sick! Somehow, after being coughed on, breathed on, coughed on, sneezed on, and coughed on continually for the last six days, I am still healthy. And, I'm praising God for that!

~finally have a son who has been without a fever for 18 hours. Yippee!!

~have been asked: "Is it H1N1?" The truth is, I have no idea. The doctor didn't have any idea today either, and truly didn't seem bothered to even be concerned with "what is it?"--which is pretty much how I feel. She thought it might be flu related, but also said it might not be--but that it didn't really matter now, because the fever was gone which meant the virus was on it's way out. Whatever it was, I'm just glad it's over!

~really hope I have something much more fun to blog about next Monday.

Goodnight friends!


Leanne said...


You HAVE had a day, haven't you? More like a COUPLE of days!

Your in-the-car-bag-with-a-hole-in-it story sounds exactly like something that would happen to me!! I mean, if it's written in Murphy's Law book, then it's going to happen to me! That's how my life is.....

Traumatic times for you...I hope the worst is passed....

Take care and rest!

Kara said...

love you girl and am praying hard for you to stay healthy and for healing!

Carolyn said...

Oh my. Rounds and rounds of applause to you for being sane enough after a week like THAT to still sit down in front of the computer. I am SO happy to hear things on the upswing and praise God you are not sick yourself.

I had to laugh at your puke story because I too share the same experience with the whole in the bottom of the bag. That really stinks - in more ways than 1!

Hang in there - things HAVE to be looking brighter.

Love ya, Care

Karie said...

Man you have had a day! So glad and praising God Colin is okay. Those high fevers are really scary. Keep me posted as to how he is doing.

Kathy said...

Oh D. My heart and prayers are with you. I was just going to email you back and ask how things are going but my email is being funny.

Praying for you girl. So glad to hear the little man is on the mend.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Oh Devin,
I have been so worried and prayerful over your family since hearing about the 105 degree fever of poor Colin!
I worry so much about seizures when I hear that kind of stuff. I'm so glad things went "well" with this illness and that there was no hospitalization involved and no Momma sickness either!
Many hugs and prayers for you my friend!!

Julie said...

Wow. Dev. I just.....WOW.

So sorry you had such a bad time. Glad Col is feeling a bit better, and praying that everyone is back to good health very, very soon! (And that you stay healthy!)

Stephanie said...

So glad you are staying healthy. God is encouraging me as well as you with that (as I've been praying specifically that you not be sick. So thankful at God's protection). Is Colin the one that has been fever free or one of the little brothers? Sorry about the sickness in the car...that would've done me in. :) I don't handle that well at all. Poor Colin and poor poor mama. Hope and pray today is a better one!

Shannon said...

oh my goodness...Praying for you girl. Praying you stay healthy and that your boys start feeling better.