Sunday, November 22, 2009

Subtle differences between brothers

After getting the boys out of the shower this morning, we went to their bedroom to get dressed.

I got Ethan dressed, and Colin was putting his own clothes on. Cameron began to follow suit, but I instructed him to wait--he needed lotion everywhere before he put any clothes on.

Cameron has terribly, terribly dry skin in the winter time. He gets that honestly--his Daddy suffers from the same thing. Poor baby....last night, he cried a bit over something, and then began to really wail--the tears were burning his face, it was so dry. Awwww.

Anyway, as I began to put lotion all over Cameron, Colin came over. He was intrigued.

"Why does Cameron have to get lotion all over, and Ethan and I don't?" he asked me.

"It's because Cameron has very dry skin, Colin. He needs lotion to help with that. You don't have dry skin like he does, that's all."

"Well," Colin pressed, "why don't I have dry skin like he does?"

And, before I could even give an answer, Cameron replied:

"Because I'm different than you. It's because God made me special, Colin. I have ex-specially dry skin!"