Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Careful (and hopefully inaccurate) measurements

Cameron, measuring my belly today with a *fake* tape measure:

"Mommy, it says your belly is eighty seven hundred thousand centi....centipedes*."

*I'm pretty sure he meant centimeters--but, either way, that's one big belly.


Julie said...

Maybe he meant he could cover your belly in that many centipedes. They ARE pretty small you know.

Puckey always measures me and says, "You're 46 short, Momma!"

Amanda Hoyt said...

Too cute!
I'm praying for today's appt. - that it will go well (I know it will! :)) and that your nerves will be calmed by the peace that comes from our Lord.

Meghan said...

That is hilarious! (Side note: I would totally freak out if my belly was covered with centipedes...)

Leanne said...


Thanks again for the laugh, friend!