Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You know you live with boys when....

....you say things** like:

"Stop licking the end table."

"Stop punching the T.V."

"Give me kiss!!"

Followed closely with,

"I said,
give me a kiss, not lick me."

"No, you may
not play inside the washing machine."

Or the dryer."

"Because we eat food off of plates, not off of the floor."

licking the T.V.!"

"You know you are not supposed to drink the bathwater!"

"Where are your clothes?"

Followed closely by:

are you naked?"

"Guys....please! Get out of the washing machine!!"

flushing the potty when there is nothing in it!"

"Please get your feet off the dining room table."

"Please stop
sitting on the dining room table."

stop standing on the dining room table!"

are you licking me?"

"Guys, don't sit on each others' heads."

"Stop licking the tub."

"Please stop jumping on top of your brother on purpose!"

"Get OFF of him!"

We never, ever, ever, ever, ever lick the potty!" (Thankfully, this was only the top of the closed lid, which I had just cleaned...but still. *shudder*)

"Makeup is
only for girls.....so are hair clips, purses, and shoes with high heels."

"Stop that, you're going to squash him."

"What is it with you guys and licking things? Sheesh!!"

**And, yes. I have said every single one of these things--out loud--to one or more of my boys in the last couple of weeks. *sigh*


Amanda Hoyt said...

:) LOL that is hilarious!!

Shaye said...

I have a house full of boys too and I have said EVERY SINGLE ONE of those things.
My boys' favorite...."stop jumping off the(bed, couch, chair)your gonna break your neck".
Thanks for sharing. I needed a laugh today.

Julie said...

Oh Dev....unfortunately all of those phrases (except the make-up/shoes/hair clip one) have been said at our house too. To our little girls. Well, and Ande too, but he'd totally deny it. HA!

What IS it with kids licking stuff? Jib seriously makes me want to vomit sometimes. The upside of that is that she NEVER gets sick. :)

Leanne said...


I'm really almost ROFLOL!

I really have to say, I just can't identify, and you know what?

I'm secretly relieved and glad that I can't!!! LOL!!!!

The two most often uttered phrases around here are:




I know, boring!

Peanut's coming soon.....get ready!!!

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

AMEN Sister! :)

asplashofsunshine said...

and the one that you forgot... "GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS!" Oh wait, maybe that's just my 4 year old.

Robin Bair said...

so cute. for me right now....it's STOP HITTING YOUR SISTER and GIVE THE BUNNY (or baby) TO YOUR SISSY...he now flaunts them in front of her and she SCREAMS.

GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR PANTS...PUT YOUR SHIRT DOWN...lol....that's my daughter not my son.

I love how darn cute your kids are with what comes out of their mouths. Thanks for sharing. :)

Shannon said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! I have found these very statements coming out of my mouth recently and my oldest is only 2. BOYS...Sheesh

Stephanie said...

You forgot - " Potty IN the toilet not ON it"... Oh and "Who hit who first?"

threeboysgee said...

I love this!! I have three boys also, and these phrases have been used in my household more than once. I lovereading your blog because it reminds me of my family so much. I have three boys age 6,4, and almost 3 and finally got my princess. She is 10 months old now (andBTW she has no hair, but I use headbands and big flowers/bows.)

Also, my boys have red hair too to be more specific my oldest and youngest boy. The middle one is blond.. What a coincidence!!

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