Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Musings


~am tired. Scratch that. Exhausted.

~ache and hurt. In a lot of places.

~am gigantic. Seriously....this is the point where you start to wonder 'how on earth can this baby get any bigger?' I. am. maxed. out. of. room.

~am discouraged. In several areas.


I am also.....

~having a better day than yesterday--whew. That one was bad.

~choosing to have joy.

~in love with my bed. Flannel sheets, a down's the coziest bed ever, even if I can't actually sleep well in it right now.

~so thankful for heating pads. And Tums. And compression stockings. And stretchy pants. And Coca-Cola and cappuccino, every once in a while. And for this little Peanut inside of me, who makes me require these items on a consistent basis.

~amazingly grateful for my husband, who would go to the ends of the earth and back for me for anything.

~the benefactor of fantastic friends. And a great Mom.

~inside a warm, safe, beautiful and very cozy house--with no leaks in the roof, working appliances, and a full refrigerator and pantry. {And, a computer to blog and online shop, which makes me a 'tad' happier. *grin*}

~the owner of my very own Bible. There are many around the world who can't say that.

~sooooooooo thankful for my husband. Did I mention that?

It is going to be a better day.

A better week.

"This is the day the Lord has made....I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Backaches, veins, pains, soreness, laundry, housework, problems, and all.

34 weeks!! Not much longer until we meet our Peanut!!

Happy Monday everyone!


Susan said...

I ditto all of that! Especially being grateful for my fabulous husband and TUMS and heating pads :)

Leanne said...

Love this post...

I think I love allllll of your posts though!

Isn't joy a choice? I always forget that joy is at the other end of the spectrum from happiness. Joy is a concerted effort and is more abiding, more dwelling thing than happiness, which is fleeting as a butterfly.....

Funny you'd blog about that, I'm making a choice to look for joy today too..

LOOOOOVE me some (Pepsi) and blended coffee drinks for treats!

Any cravings??

Yay for 6 more weeks!!!

I just prayed for you, just this minute.


Shaina N said...

Joy IS a choice.

I was stuck behind a lady in Wal-Mart today... we don't have a Super Wal-Mart, just a regular one, so the aisles are VERY tight. There is no passing. I was wearing Keevia in her ill-fitting Mei Tai carrier, which means I still have to hold her head when she sleeps, which she was. So, one arm was cradling her, while I pushed my rickety buggy with the other. I was tired, I'd just had a conversation with a lady from our old church who told me that I looked beautiful, I had been okay looking before I had a baby, but now I just glowed (Um... thanks?), so I was already in a bit of a mood. Then the lady in front of me stops, and is looking at some stuff. No problem, I can be patient. Then her daughter says "Mom, lets go, there's people behind us" and the lady goes, very loudly and very obnoxiously "Well! They can just WAIT. I'm looking." I literally almost blew my top, as they weren't just blocking me, but several other people... like I said, it didn't BOTHER me to wait, it was just the attitude. So, I calmly turned my buggy down a different aisle, and when she looked up with a glare, I mustered a sincere smile and wished her a Merry Christmas as sweetly as possible.

I had to choose joy... it was hard, but I did it. I think it's so VERY easy during this time of year to get very distraught over bills and money issues and shopping and stress... that we don't step back and remember the reason for the season. I know I've been stressing how we're going to buy the nephews a present, and still pay rent, or even if we'll be ABLE to pay rent this month... then I have to step back and remember God WILL provide, and we WILL be fine, and to celebrate his birth.

Sorry I wrote a novel. Everything will look much better in +/- 6 weeks, I know, trust me!! :)

Merry Christmas! Keep choosing Joy!!


Julie said...

Geez Dev, could you BE any cuter?

I'm thankful that we "met" via my blog surfing, and that you've become so dear to me!!

OH - speaking of shopping - I was at Target and they had some cute knit tights for babies there...made me think of Peanut.

The End.

Kathy said...

6 weeks? what! what!

you are adorable.

Kathryn said...

You are just the cutest expectant excited for that little girl's arrival...

Robin Bair said...

in addition to all also look fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

You are the cutest "pregnant" gal EVER!!!! Just a bigger belly that's all. You remind me of myself. I was that same way too! Until people saw my belly they didn't even know.

Natalie said...

you're sporting that pregnancy look Devin ! you look so cute. Glad to hear you're doing well and almost ready to meet your sweet little girl !!