Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing so fast....

Colin's Kindergarten picture--my 'little' boy is officially all gone!


{But he is still soooooooo cute}

And, he is a straight "S" student!
("S" = Satisfactory; the highest mark. I miss the days of the good ol' "A"s and "B"s.)

I love you, Colin!
You make Mommy and Daddy proud every single day!


rameelin said...

Oh boy! He sure is cute. He looks so much like your husband in this picture. They're all growing so much and I cannot wait to see that little girl:)

Sharon said...

Don't worry, A's and B's come back in 1st grade:)

Jen said...

Seriously, he looks so old!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Oh, he is super cute, Devin!!
Great pic!!

Laura said...

So cute! I can't help thinking that someday you'll back on this and think...He's so little! Even though he looks all grown up.