Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who you gonna call?

I don't know why, but being in Chicago this last weekend reminded me of something that happened the last time we were there--and I realized that I never posted about it.

I don't know how I could have forgotten, but....I did. So, this story is old, but worth the delay, I believe.


In August, Grandma 'Nette gave the boys a special 'box of goodies'. She retired from full-time teaching (mostly Kindergarten and 1st grade) after close to 30 years, and divided up some of the special things from her classroom among all of her grandchildren.

Our box had a little plastic (fake) walkie-talkie in it.

The boys were, to put it extremely mildly, thrilled with this item, and spent quite a bit of time that weekend fighting over it playing with their toy-of-the-moment.

Cameron was out on the back porch one afternoon, just sitting on one of the patio chairs and "calling" all kinds of people. All of a sudden, he turned to me as if he had had a brand new thought.

"Mom! Mom, I think I'm going to call some people from church!"

Before I could say anything, or ask him who he might like to talk to, he blurted out,

"I think.....I think I'll call Jesus."


Leanne said...

That's my kind of kid!

My girls wondered what would happen if you could really call Heaven, one day when they were playing with phones.

What a great story!!

Hannah said...

Devin, I love that every time I come here, you have something to make me smile!

Amanda Hoyt said...

LOL that's awesome!!!!!!