Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lola and Spiderman

"Superheroes" was halted the other day in exchange for some snuggle time.

I think LC is rather fond of Spidey.

I know Spidey's rather fond of her.


Megan aka Mommy, Mom, Honey, The Boss... said...

So precious! Looks like she is getting bigger!

Shaye said...

AWWWWW...So sweet.
Does she have red hair?
I love some redheads!!!!
Now I need a red-headed baby girl.

Julie said...

Love it!

kristy said...

I am pretty sure she and Hope have the SAME wardrobe! Hope has these pants and the bodysuits in the previous picture! :)

Gotta love sibling love! :) She is getting so big. Did you find that pause button yet?

The Swenson Family :) said...

Its like Colin is looking into a photograph of himself when he was that age. LoL

SOOO Sweet!

PS. My word verification to leave this comment is PIPIDE. LoL I don't know why I am sharing this...i guess its just a funny word. LoL