Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lola and Spiderman

"Superheroes" was halted the other day in exchange for some snuggle time.

I think LC is rather fond of Spidey.

I know Spidey's rather fond of her.


Megan Ashley said...

So precious! Looks like she is getting bigger!

Shaye said...

AWWWWW...So sweet.
Does she have red hair?
I love some redheads!!!!
Now I need a red-headed baby girl.

Julie said...

Love it!

Kristy said...

I am pretty sure she and Hope have the SAME wardrobe! Hope has these pants and the bodysuits in the previous picture! :)

Gotta love sibling love! :) She is getting so big. Did you find that pause button yet?

The Swenson Family :) said...

Its like Colin is looking into a photograph of himself when he was that age. LoL

SOOO Sweet!

PS. My word verification to leave this comment is PIPIDE. LoL I don't know why I am sharing this...i guess its just a funny word. LoL