Friday, February 5, 2010

Typical man? Already?

Ethan was "helping me" get a fire started this morning. We got it going, and then I walked into the kitchen to do a few things.

A couple of minutes later, I asked E, who was in front of the wood stove playing with his truck:

"Ethan, is the fire still going?"

E: "Yep."

The answer seemed a bit quick to me.

Me: "Ethan, did you even look at the fire to see if it was going?"

E: "Nope."

Me: "Ethan, look at the fire. Is it still going?"

Ethan, after a pause: "Nuh-uh, Momma. It's not going."


He's starting the whole pay-no-attention-to-what-the-woman-is-saying-and-just-say-"uh-huh, nuh-uh, really?, yep, nope..."-in-what-you-think-are-all-the-appropriate-places thing. I knew it would happen eventually. three?


Goodness gracious.


Megan Ashley said...

Adorable! Gotta love boys for that reason alone :)

Anonymous said...

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