Thursday, February 11, 2010


Cameron has been practicing 'winking' and 'blinking' for quite some time now.

He will happily tell you the difference--that winking is with one eye, blinking is with two.

Obviously, getting the hang of the wink (and keeping your other eye wide open) is a challenge for a four-year-old....but Cameron practices diligently. It's quite hilarious to see him using his hand to keep one eye open while opening and closing the other eye. *giggle*

I have told him (over and over) that winking is something that is hard to do, even for grown-ups. But, " should keep working on it, because you will eventually get the hang of it, buddy!!"

He believes that soon, very soon, he will be able to master this skill.

The other day, Miss Lola was waking up from her nap. I was holding her, and Cameron was right next to both of us on the couch. Lola was having a bit of trouble getting both eyes open, and Cameron looked down at just the right time to catch her in a one-eyed gaze. She was literally staring straight at him.

"HEY!" Cameron screamed, right in my ear said.

"What, Cameron? Geesh, you scared the daylights out of me! Don't scream like that with baby Lola right here, okay?"

"Okay, Mommy . . . . it's just . . . . . it's just that . . . . .Lola is so little! How does she know how to wink already? That's just not FAIR!!"


Carolyn said...

I have heard it said that girls reach milestones much earlier than boys! (wink, wink) Too cute!

Julie said...


Anonymous said...

saw your post on jill savage's site and clicked over...cute, cute kiddos! and in illini tees, too :)

i've got three boys, also (with no plans to add another), and though we're in st. louis, my husband and i are from IL and went to the U of I.

anyway, just wanted to say your little ones are so cute!

Karie said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...

oh man! That is unfair. Being bale to wink is big with our boys too.xo