Saturday, May 15, 2010

At least, I thought he knew.....

If there is one thing I've learned as a Momma of boys, it's this:

Boys love dinosaurs.

I've not run into a boy yet that hasn't.

So, when Colin started studying dinosaurs in school a couple of weeks ago, he was thrilled! He's been learning all about them....the names, the different features, the special things about certain kinds.

Most importantly, he's learned what they do and do not eat. He's even learned the big, technical terms for it--herbivores and carnivores.

Today, we had yet another discussion on that very topic.

Colin: "Mom, I know what dinosaurs eat."

Me: "You do? Tell me."


"Some dinosaurs eat plants....

....and some dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs....

.....and some dinosaurs eat Palaeontologists!"


Kara said...

That is one I haven't heard :) We have taught the boys all about herbivores and carnivores. That is how we get Carter to eat his meat at dinner sometimes!