Sunday, May 30, 2010

How we love you, Indy

We live in an area where there are a few major cities within driving distance.

We have recently grown to love going to Indianapolis for daycations. {Yes I did make that word up.} We can get there in a little over an hour, so to go for the day is very doable.

Indy is such a beautiful, clean city, and they have so much to do there! Trader Joe's *grin*, great places to eat or shop, and lots of things for the kids, including a wonderful zoo (with lots more to things to do than just gazing at animals!)

A couple of weeks ago, we took a day trip to the zoo and had so much fun. Our day in pictures:

Lolee girl, who hung with me and soaked both of us with drool almost completely 
by the time it was all said and done for most of the morning in her sling

We saw the dolphin show just last month when we this time, we decided to watch from below
in the underwater viewing area! Colin had the idea to lay down--and the other two quickly followed suit!

Guess where we were in this picture?
The desert exhibit, seeing the snakes.
NOT the highlight of my trip--too many bad snake experiences.
{Oh, and if you're newer to the blog, and have not read this--the first 'snake story'....'s a doozy, let me tell 'ya.}

Getting ready to ride the roller coaster!
Poor E Ry was too little....and Colin ended up chickening out at the last minute.... Daddy and Cam rode together!

{I felt a bit sorry for Cam--you can see the terror in his eyes, hidden behind the smile on his face! He did loooove the ride, however, and wanted to go again when it was over!}

Then, because of this little man, and his intense love of all things trains....

....we took a family ride on the park 'choo-choo'.

Lolee girl loved it....

....and so did her brothers!

Having some fun with Daddy on the bouncy bridge

Later, we checked out the new cheetah exhibit.
Don't they just look like they are getting ready to munch E and Col for dinner!?

It was another great day in Indy...and I'm certain there will be lots more of these to come!