Tuesday, June 15, 2010

In a nutshell


Me and my nemesis.



The "big" shop.

*I can do this.*

Me. Colin. Cameron. Ethan. A 'just-immunized' Lolee girl.

*I can do this.*

Two carts.

Me with one (with Lola). Colin pushing the other one with Ethan inside.

Cameron wandering loose walking
where ever his legs took him
next to the

almost near the
somewhere that could maybe be described as beside the cart
most of the time.

Shop, shop, shop.

*Keep going. I can do this. I have to do this. No turning back now.*

Shop some more.

Lola nearly buried under the groceries.

Two carts FULL to the brim.

*Almost done....I can do this.*


Lots of them.

My own bags. (Lots of them, too.)

A list that price-matched almost everything we needed.

Competitors' sale ads, just in case they wouldn't take my word for it.

*The end is in sight!*

Time to check-out.

::abrupt intense downward spiral::

Lola decides she has had it and begins to make this ungodly high-pitched, half-squeal/half-shriek sound cry. Loudly.

Boys begin playing with every candy bar/toy/bag of chips/magazine/Slim Jim they can reach.

::full blown panic::

*I can NOT do this!*


Needless to say, during this horrific process, I had to call Shane *who was thankfully close-by* to come and rescue me.

Which, he promptly did.

My hero saves the day.

Thank God.

We all managed to make it out of the store in one piece.

{Though I did leave behind a small bit of my sanity in the checkout lane.}



Amanda Hoyt said...

Ugggg sounds like a complete nightmare to me!
I like to shop ALONE whenever possible :)
Wish we could Walmart together...
Love and hugs, friend
You are my hero!!!

Kenzie said...

Oh girl... so NOT funny and yet your descriptions are magical. Shane is awesome :) I can't even fathom 2 carts. I'm worried about how I will do it with 3. I've decided right now that I will have to go at night...or let Dusty go for me! HA~ then we will spend DOUBLE. Sorry girl. That totally stinks! Always something to look back at and well, be glad you aren't there now :)

Love ya friend!

Jen said...

My head hurts reading this! I can picture it all in my head! I made a CVS run today, I will have to tell ya about it later!

Shelly said...

you are soooo brave for even trying! the only place i take my *3* is to the park! you're my hero! thank goodness for wonderful husbands!!!!

Laura said...

Feel for you, Devin. I don't even like bringing the 3 boys when Seth and I are together, and have never ever tried doing it alone!

Anonymous said...

hehehe thats funny, Dev. :) I remember the days Mom would take all five of us kids hahaha. So I'm sure she could sympathise with you :) We use to fill (I'm embarrassed to admit how many buggy loads) :)
ps cute blog. Thats neat how you feed your posts into facebook :)

Holly said...

I feel for you! I just have 1 & feel like I'm going insane! Why do they always wait till the last minute to pitch a fit too? It's like they know...Kudos to you though. :)

Julie said...

BRAVE, BRAVE Momma!! Oh can I ever relate to those kinds of shopping experiences. Fortunately when I go shopping now I usually only two kids with me, so it's fairly manageable.

That's awesome that Shane was able to come help you.

However - don't ever underestimate your parenting abilities. You are a GREAT mom, and no matter how crazy one day seems you are STILL a great mom.

Karie said...

I have been there a million times and I swear I will never do it again either and yet, for some reason, I do. Why, who knows. The funny thing is I only have two, I wonder what's gonna happen when the third one comes. Oh boy, that's all I can say.