Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

(By the way...can I get a woot woot on that?)

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A couple of nights ago, we set out to decorate the tree(s). Up until this year, it really has been a game of try-to-put-the-ornaments-on-the-tree-without-little-hands-breaking-them, but this year, the boys were actually able to do more than participate--they really helped!

The tree trimming went super quickly. We have seven trees here (and you know, I just heard you audibly gasp--let me just say, four of the trees are little!)  My family room tree is my pretty tree--you know, the one with fancy ornaments and glass bulbs and gold bows.  It is by far the prettiest tree in the house.

But our living room tree is the most special.  It is the one filled with all the sentimental ornaments that the kids have made for me at Sunday School each year, or that we have crafted together--and I love it!  This was the tree the boys worked so hard to decorate.

It may look a little scraggly to the naked eye....

....but the boys worked so hard on it, and I was so proud of them!

Ethan was so excited to put the star on top!

I mean, just look at the joy on his face! He has made sure to mention to me each and 
every day since decorating the tree that "that is the star I put up there, Mommy!"

Lola *helped out* by chewing on all of the ornaments before they went up!

They each took their decorating jobs very seriously (as you can see below, by the looks on their faces), 
and, by the end of the night, we had a pretty great looking tree on our hands!

After the boys went to bed, Shane and I worked on 'my' tree.  This tree contains a family ornament from each year we have been married, as well as a very special personalized ornament (with their names and dates of birth) for each child, given to us by some very special friends when each one was born.  There is one on there from 2007, for baby Merritt. (A little pink bootie, if you must know.)

There are ornaments that Shane bought me before we were ever married, a Koa wood ornament from one of our trips to Hawaii, and an ornament for each child from every year since they've been born that they will take with them once they leave the house. (My tree will go from being very full to half empty then!) Plus many, many other ones that are special in their own way.

Did I mention how special this tree is to me?

And, I must say....I just think it turned out beautifully.

And, it seems that my daughter has been passed down some good taste.  Within 30 seconds, 
she had to see the beauty for herself--up close and very personal. *grin*

And so, I'm curious.  How do you decorate for the holidays? What is an ornament tradition (if you have one) in your family that you do for your tree?

Is it looking like Christmas at your house yet?


Jenny said...

It IS looking like Christmas at our house too. My helpers were not quite as careful as yours though. Thus far the grand total for broken ornaments stands at 7...YES 7! And no...they were not playing football with them. I put a stop to that right away! Lots of sweet little hands and precious little helpers! So fun!!!

Jen said...

Love your trees and your little helpers! Every year I buy the kids an ornament too. They are my favorite and most special ones. This year I got Brooklyn a Precious Moment tinkerbell one and Aiden a Precious Moment John Deer one. I don't know if I will be able to give them up when they leave! :)

Theresa said...

We actually have similar ornament traditions Devin, (I know it's so hard to believe that two OCD people are alike! lol) We only have 4 trees because let's face it 7 will not fit in my tiny little house! :) The kids each have their own and those are the ones they get to decorate however they choose, I have a small tree in the kitchen that I love having on in there at night, and we also have our main tree in the family room which is our "pretty tree" too. We have a family ornament for every year since we've been married and we have ones for every year since the kids were born that I too am going to give to them when they go out on their own (well maybe). :o) I love this time of year and I always look forward to starting a new tradition or keeping up with old ones.

Amanda Hoyt said...

oh my gosh, Dev! I love both trees - they are both special and beautiful in their own way! I love your idea about the ornaments for each year for the kids to take when they leave (tears). so precious!
of course I love the fact that you have one for Baby Merritt :)
we only have 1 tree and it has a collection of ornaments we've collected when we've traveled, some Caitlin has made and some that were bought just to buy them :) we have a few with the girls names on them but not too many for madison yet. I'm sure we'll get there soon enough :)