Saturday, December 4, 2010

Left out of the fun? Nope!

A couple of days ago, we had our first snow. In reality, it was more like a dusting...but it was certainly enough for the boys to get excited about! It was also a day that Colin had a half-day of school, so as soon as he got home, I spent what seemed like forever bundling them all up the boys geared up and dashed out the door!

It wasn't long before the little miss--who was sitting in our living room with me being cozy by the fire--spotted her brothers through the sliding glass door and began to inch her way over.

She climbed her way up the door...and just stared out at her brothers. 

Colin finally spotted her and came over.  He started talking to her and
playing with her through the was really cute to see!

Then all the boys joined in a game of "let's-throw-snowballs-at-Lola-through-the-door!"

They had fun *smashing* snow in her face....

And she, apparently, loved the feel of the icy cold door on her cheek....

...and her lips!!

After a little while, Ethan could stand the cold no longer. He came in and had some fun with 
Lola, putting her hands up on the door and playing with her. If there is one thing to know about 
Ethan, it is that he loves his little sister something awful!

Don't worry, my little'll be out there before you know it!