Friday, December 17, 2010

Song of the day--my original

Her name is Lola

 She is a showgirl

She likes to

clap her little hands

and can snap!
  (It drops our chins)

She gets excited

And gives huge smiles

She is a precious little girl

Round her fingers we are curled

 And on our wooden floor

 She's standing more and more

 She's our girl with three great brothers

Who could 

(Everybody now!  "At the Copa....")

Happy weekend, everyone!


Unknown said...

why do I read this and immediately think of Rachel from friends??? ;)
can't wait to see ths little one again! hopefully soon!!!

Kara said...

LOVE THIS!!! Cole said, "Wo Wa cu cute" translated to Lola cute!

Jenny said...

Awwww...she is PRECIOUS!

Leanne said...

I was singing right along!!!

How can she possibly get any cuter???

(PS:) Russell (our boy) looooved the new Jingle Bells words! He laughed uproariously! Hahahahah.)

Carolyn said...

She is adorable. Can I have her?

Amanda Hoyt said...

OMG - she is a DOLL, Dev!!!!
Those socks are soo cute too!
Wow - both of our girls can snap! Isn't it amazing!!?!?!?
Love you all

Karie said...

Oh my goodness. She is just so sweet. I miss you guys. I really wish we could just come down already, :(

Sandy said...

cute! I had the tune in my head!