Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm setting her free

A couple of months ago, I found a new sign for my kitchen. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen, but the reason why I had to have it when I saw it was because, truly, I feel as though it describes me


For years, I have heard that skinny girl hollering....I know she is in there somewhere! I found her once, right before I got married. (I had real incentive then!) Not that I ever dream of getting back to my "just married" weight (that, truly, would not even be sustainable for me) but I am determined to find a girl close to that size again, even if she isn't quite as small as she once was.

I have decided that I am going to work really hard to release that girl that has been locked inside for so long. I did really great getting the baby weight off after I had Colin. Then I got pregnant with Cameron, had him, and 5 months later was already pregnant with Ethan. I never really got all of Cami's baby weight off before I put Ethan's on. Not necessarily my fault, considering the time frame there.....but definitely not good.

Now, I have two babies worth of baby weight to lose......but I am determined.

Okay, I am exaggerating a bit. Truth be told, I don't really have all that much to lose. About 13 pounds or so. Doesn't seem like much, but some days it might as well be 50! I love good food, and I love goodies like Fannie May candies and ice cream. I will not give those things up....but this is not about that. It is about eating those things like a sensible person. Not eating 1/2 pound of Fannies all at once. And I can do that, by the way.

And, of course, I want to be healthier, too! That is always a bonus side effect from being more weight-concious.
So, my plan is:
  • Pilates, at least 4 times a week (it's only a 20 minute DVD, and I know I have an extra 20 minutes somewhere in my day)--exersise is key for me to lose! Plus, I have a Gazelle, and I would like to do that 4 times a week as well. This will mean that on some days, I will be doing both....and that seems like a large hurdle for me as I am just starting out, but like I said: I'm determined.
  • Eating better
  • Eating a bit less :-)
  • Drinking lots more water
  • And, as soon as the weather cooperates, getting outside for walks/running/biking/anything else that requires lots of movement....chasing 3 boys, maybe?!

So......I guess I have to do it now, because I feel like now I am accountable. I've told all of you. And, I am going to be adding a sidebar on, so that I am able to post my weight loss each week. I don't care if I only lose 1/2 a pound--it's something, and I'm going to post it!

Anyone want--or need--to join me?? We'll encourage each other!

***EDIT (2/19): WOW, everyone, what fantastic feedback I am getting already! Thank you, those who have encouraged me....for the last two days, I have done really well with eating AND my exercises! I will admit, I am a little tired after today's round, but I know it will get better. Out of the three ladies who have commented so far on this post, all three of them are in this boat with me, and I am so excited that all three of them want to do something about it! Edlow, Julie and Amanda--so far, we are all in this together! I thought about each of us setting some kind of goal, and checking back with each other every week, to see progress and encourage each other--as Amanda said, let's be skinny Moms this summer! What do you guys think? And, by the way, anyone else who hasn't commented yet who wants to join us is still welcome! (If you don't want to comment publicly, you can go to the profile page and email me privately.) Any takers?***


Edlow said...

Devin_ You and I would be the best of friends if we lived closer to each other! I JUST got back from buying a brand new sports bra so that I can start training for the Danskin triathilon. I HATE to run and Like you had 2 babies back to back. But I am going to do it.( the fact that the race in texas is located 2 weeks before my reunion is a big motivator!) I haven't told my blog readers yet. because if I fail I do not want them to know! :) But we can do it! I know we can!

Julie said...

I need to join you, too! I actually lost all of the weight I had gained from my pregnancy w/Puckey before I got preg with The Jib, and lost the weight I gained with her within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I had gained about 40 lbs BEFORE I ever got preg with Puckey, and have probably gained 15 since I had The Jib. Completely MY fault, although I like to blame my husband, who can eat cheeseburgers and ice cream every day without gaining so much as an ounce. (Why does that happen?)
Anyway, yeah for setting a goal, and allowing yourself to be held accountable for it. I'm IN!

Unknown said...

Hey Devin...What a brave post! I too am on the ever frustrating roller coaster of losing weight, I just haven't been brave enough to blog about it! It sounds like you have a great plan in mind. I'm trying to do Weight Watchers and exercise at least 4x a week. Good luck in your efforts, lets be skinny moms this summer! :)

Julie said...

Dang it - I guess I'm going to have to break down and
1) buy a scale
2) actually USE the treadmill in the basement

I have to actually weigh myself to come up with a goal, but I'm guessing I need to lose about 50lbs.

Are we going to brave "before" and "after" pictures?

Edlow said...

Julie- You have to be crazy if you think I am taking a before and after picture! LOL I rarely let me hubby get a full front shot of my baby belly and accompanying stretch marks! I do NOT want a picture of the yuckiness that is my current flab!

Kara said...

Okay, I wish I could join in, but I will have to root you on from the sidelines! You can do it momma! Good thing you don't live here, because if you were too skinny this summer, you would make me look HUGE!

Julie said...

edlow - oh, I'm not insane...I meant a fully clothed before and after. I'm not about to pose in a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts. Although maybe that would be a diet aid to flabby belly and lovely "back fat"...
I didn't even like having my photo taken when I was a 95lb high-schooler...LOL

Edlow said...

Okay- Regular clothes (no sports bra and bike shorts)picture standing forward like they do on Biggest loser! That I can do. I also did not Like getting my picture back when I was a 95 pound HS! HA HA! My hubby jokingly refers to those days with my old nickname...."Skeletor" Remember him He-mans boney enemy! HAHA! Now I would be happy to be 130- Heck I would be happy at 135. I have 15 pounds to lose! I am sure we can all get this done! I am happy to know some other "motivated Mommies" who are in it with me!

12-arrows said...

Hey. . . I found your blog from Julies. I am right there with you on the weight issues. I had our
12th child last February and am struggling to get off the baby weight after nursing. My son is getting married in May so I would love to be at least 25 pounds lighter. I am going to the Y 3x a week, trying to watch my eating and using an exercise ball 5x a week for the mid-section. Its definitely an up-hill battle; definitely one I want to win; and I definitely want to be more in shape to enjoy my kids at what they enjoy. Does that make sense? Thanks for being open and honest. Cindy

Julie said...

Yay Cindy! Maybe when the weather is warmer we could walk together?!?!

. said...

Gulp, I guess I'm in too! I already did a video workout the last 2 days. Here's hoping!

12-arrows said...

hey julie I would love too! We all need some fresh air. . . .

jillybean said...

:) sigh...makes me tired just thinking about you all workin' out! :) But I am a huge fan of Biggest Loser. My husband and I love watching that show together while eating icecream. :) So, I'll be rooting you on from the sidelines!

Edlow said...

Hey ladies! I started a seperate blog for those of us notivated to do something about our flabby middles( and legs and arms and backs:) ) I would love for some of ya'll to be co-bloggers with me on that page so we can keep ourselves accountable and motivated. If you would like to be a co blogger there please send me an email so I can add you. My email is

I hope we can really do this. We deserve to be fit and beautiful and our hubbies and kids deserve to have us fit also.