Monday, February 4, 2008

Some info on my shortie

I realize that you may be curious as to what Ethan is like, now that he is one year old.

So, here are a few bits of information that make up Ethan Ryan:


loves Cheerios

doesn't care all that much for table food yet, but is working his way there--he is a carb lover like his mom, starting out with the best things life has to offer like garlic breadsticks and mashed potatoes

loves his new walker even better than his old one (thanks Grandma MJ!)

refuses to take any steps to mommy or daddy without said walker

hates getting his runny nose wiped

is 28 1/4 inches tall

is 19 and a half pounds

loves both of his Cars blankets more than life itself

recently has discovered that he loves rocking in the rocking chair

is my most content baby

does not care much for anything that comes on the TV except once and a while will watch Veggies with the rest of the family (as long as the blanket is in tow)

Can go to sleep anywhere--literally--as long as he has his blanket (see pic from just this morning)

only sucks his thumb when he is ready to go to sleep

even if he is exhausted, will not suck his thumb without his blanket

once he goes to bed is a champion sleeper, just like his brothers

loves music

eventually will join in to sing with you, if you sing long and loud enough

loves showers

loves Colin and Cameron

makes mommy happier than life itself


Julie said... cute! I'm glad The Jib isn't the only non-walking 1 year old out there....she cruises the furniture like a champ, though!

Edlow said...

Hey! It Edlow your Blog Stalker ( I commented on your last post too)! So sweet to hear details about your baby Ethan. I think it is so funny that he loves his blamket so much! I rem. my oldest falling asleep sitting up and sucking his two middle fingers in the cart at Home depot. I really appreciate a baby who can sleep anywhere!

jillybean said...

I love that huge smile with those two bottom teeth displayed proudly. So, Lauren is just about a month behind him and she isn't walking yet either. No worries. It was interesting to hear his weight and height. Even with Lauren's setback this fall, I think she is starting to catch up with him. At 10 and 1/2 months, she weighed 18.2 and was 27 1/2 inches long. I think she is going to pass him up pretty soon if she hasn't already. He's a cutie!

Karie said...

He is such a doll, we miss you guys so much. Question for you, how do you have your picture attached to your comment, I'm trying to figure it out and I can't seem to find it.

Anonymous said...

He makes GmaMJ happier than life itself too. In fact all your boys do! Love them boys:)

Kenzie said...


Look at that precious boy! I know everyday life is so fun... and crazy! I pray that at some point we can have another boy- they are so incredibly fun!

Thank you for continuing to bless me with your sweet words of encouragement and love... and prayer of course. You are awesome!

Joy in Him,

Julie said...

I tagged you on my blog...hope you'll participate!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your adorable baby boy. My Pearl is a thumb sucker she has a bunny instead of a blanket but usually only sucks her thumb when bunny is around.

Thanks for your sweet comments and encouragement in regards to my miscarriage. I am doing alright emotionally since this is my sixth miscarriage I guess I try not to think to far ahead into the pregnancy. It also really helps to have my two precious girls to keep me busy and be reminded of what a miracle they are. (I had four miscarriages prior to having children.)
Anyway I love reading your blog and seeing pics. of your cute boys and think it is really neat that we both have been drawn to the stories of so many sweet babies and their amazing parents. Now if only I could spend less time checking on them all I might get more housework done. :)
Rachel in PA