Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mommy and her boys

Baby E


I love you, little guys....

God of Wonders

To any of you who have prayed for J. and her baby, Stellan....


God is working a miracle right before our eyes!! THANK YOU!!

Taco night

It's always been a favorite night at our house of Colin and Cameron's.... Ethan is finally getting into the groove!!

Learning to use his spoon!
He likes to turn it upside down before it gets to his mouth, so sticky things like refried beans work really compared to cereal with milk :-(

Sometimes the spoon....sometimes his fingers, whatever gets the job done
It looks like absolute slop in the bowl, doesn't it? *giggle*

Yay for Ethan! (a common phrase at our table when this child actually eats something, usually accompanied by lots of clapping)
Cameron enjoyed himself, too, of course

It was determined by our three extremely full and completely messy boys that dinner was a success!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An interesting skill

Today Colin was standing at our sliding glass door. I could tell he was looking at something, and I thought that the 'something' was outside. After a moment, I learned differently. He says to me:

"Mom, there's a fly in here."

Oh, great. That's gross. I hate flies. "Okay, Colin. Thanks for letting me know." I'll get it later, I think to myself.

He was quiet for a moment and then said, "Can I get him?"

"What, honey?"

"Mom, can I get him?"

"Col, what do you mean? You mean, kill him?"


"How would you do that?" He has seen me use a fly-swatter, but I had never actually taught him how to use one. I assumed that he was going to ask me to teach him how to use it so that he could 'get' the fly. I was in the middle of baking, and didn't want to touch the icky fly-swatter, so I was preparing to tell him that 'I couldn't teach him how to use that at this moment, but maybe another time'. It didn't really matter that I was busy at that moment; turns out, I was wrong about the swatter anyway.

"Col? (still staring) How would you do that, honey?"

"With my hands."

"You want to try to kill the fly with your hands?"


"Colin--the one thing about flies is that they are very, very fast. As soon as you move toward them, they fly away. You'll never get him with your hands."


He was quiet again for a few moments, still studying the fly intently.

"Mom......can I try to get him?"

Exasperated, I gave in. What did I care if he 'tried to get him', anyway? He never would catch him.

"Sure, Colin. Go ahead and try."

Next thing I hear is SMACK! Colin's hand hitting the glass door. Okay, that's done and over with now. Maybe he'll give up the pursuit and go play.

"Mom, I got him."


"I got the fly."

"With your hands?! You got him?!"

He turns to me, and holds out his palm to show me. Attached to said palm were the remains of what apparently was a slower-than-usual fly. Yeah.....he had gotten him, alright.

We then had a discussion of the utter grossness of flies, and proceeded to wash his hands 2 (or maybe it was 10?) times.

I think I will go ahead and teach him how to use that fly-swatter.....

Monday, July 28, 2008

*Boys* will be boys

I don't know who likes the pool better.....the boys or their Daddy.....

Anatomy of a Dive

by Cameron Douglas

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Prayer needed

If you are the praying kind, I have a(nother) favor to ask.

My friend, J., and her sweet baby (23 weeks in utero) are having a really difficult time. She has had to be hospitalized because her baby's heart rate right now is at an astounding 300 beats per minute. The baby has a heart condition that is causing this, and if it doesn't get fixed quickly, it will not be good.

She's had a rough go of it already with meds (to clarify: she is taking IV meds for the baby--she is not sick) that, as of tonight, did not work and caused her to experience some pretty awful side effects. They are starting her on some new meds now, but her body has really taken a beating from before....and I know her spirit could use some uplifting right now. Her family is desperately seeking prayer.

You can find out more about her and her baby HERE, if you like, and please, if you visit, let her know that you are praying for her.

Thank you!

For you sweet friends who've asked about me.....

Apparently, I was a little confused on the whole 'dry socket' issue.

I thought, when I went in last Tuesday and the oral surgeon packed my teeth (or, I should say, lack of teeth) with gauze, that that was it--the dry socket was taken care of. Translation--that there would be no more pain to endure.

I was wrong.

The medicine in the gauze, it turns out, wears off after about 24 I had to go back Thursday AND Friday (and again tomorrow) to have it changed and re-packed. Basically, there is a numbing medicine on this gauze, which keeps me, for the most part, pain free. Then, it buys my gums time to grow new tissue and heal, so that I am not a total whacked-out-on-pain-and pain-meds-zombie. Until the tissue completely heals itself, though, there will still be pain.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be the last time I have to go in, but I am still (off-and-on) in a considerable amount of it may still take a few more days. I'm still on the ibuprofen, and occasionally the Vicodin when it gets really bad. It is lessening--much slower than I would like--but I am getting there.

I seriously think I would rather go through childbirth than the pain and after pain of having wisdom teeth pulled.

BLEH again.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm in love....

....because my new camera took pictures like this for me today:

(BTW, this camera is GREAT--a Panasonic DMC-TZ5 with 10x zoom, 9 MP, and mad-crazy features...all of the pics below are completely unedited! It looks like I am right next to the boys in these shots, but I was super far away...and the pics turned out clear as could be!! Yaaaaaaaaay for finally getting a winner!)

"I don't know what this "pool" stuff is all about....I'm happy right here on my bike, thank you."

Daddy was the first to brave the water.....

....which apparently convinced Colin.....

...... and, in turn, Cameron......

.....and after hangin' out by the ladder for a little while (with the bike not too far from his grasp, of course)....

....Ethan was also persuaded!
Splashin' on the stairs


Col chomping his apple....not sure what he was saying, but it looks like I caught him mid-word

Ethan with his yummy baked Cheetos

(LOVE this picture--look at those eyes!)

Cam and his favorite, the "pee-buh-getty" (PB&J)--though you wouldn't know he was so happy with his lunch in this shot!

And back in we go!!

One, two, three, JUMP!

Cameron and his dinosaur

"I love this Daddy! Thanks for convincing me to come in after all!"

Daddy jumping over--yes, I said OVER--Col and Cam's heads!
"Wow, now that's
pretty cool....."

Catch me Daddy!

And, as you can see, the pictures all came right back off the camera just like they were supposed to.