Friday, July 18, 2008

The beauty after the storm

This was the view out our back door just a few days ago after a major thunderstorm--

it was just too pretty not to share.

One rainbow.......

.....turned into two!!

The was the very first time in my life that I saw not just a sliver of a rainbow, but the entire thing from one end to another. I wish I could have captured the whole thing in one picture, but it was just too gigantic!! (If you look at the tree line in the very first picture, you can see the scope of how big this actually was!)

I zoomed as far as my little camera would let me....the colors in real life were just amazing. It's worth clicking on the photo to enlarge it, by the way--you get a really great idea of what we saw. This photo turned out pretty good, but not as pretty as it was in real life!

What an amazing reminder from our Creator of how much He loves us.....


. said...

Awesome picts!! I have never seen such a HUGE rainbow! Did the boys get to see it too?