Thursday, July 3, 2008

Seen and Heard

Things I have seen today:

***Our pediatrician, probably for the last time. It really rots when you find a good one and then they leave....this is the second time this has happened to us, and it's bummin' me out!

***The inside Cameron's ear through an otoscope. And here I thought he had an ear infection....silly me, it was just a gigantic ball of wax! Did you know they actually make ear wax softeners? That's a new one for me, but.....we'll be picking up a kit later today. At least it's not an infection.

***Gas climb over $4.00 in my hometown. Depressing.

***Colin and Cameron's faces light up when we pulled into Old McDonald's for playtime and lunch.

***A 300+ lb. woman (and I think I am actually be generous there) in a tube top and shorts at Old McDonald's ordering a super sized Big Mac extra value meal for lunch. With a diet coke.

***A turkey, two foxes, and a rabbit. All were within 25 feet of my house. I do not live in the country.

Things I have heard today:

***Cameron upon waking, "I nee some tie-na-nol (Tylenol), Mommy! Dis (pointing to his ear) hurts!" (My first clue that I should take him into our Ped. The poor kid was begging me to drug him.)

***Me, to Colin, as he is brushing his teeth in my bathroom and I am getting ready to leave: "Colin, tomorrow we are going to go over to Champaign and see the fireworks for the 4th of July!"

Colin: "Is Grandma going to come with us?"

Me: "Yep!"

Colin, contemplating for a moment: "Mom, I think we should take some ice cream with us."

Me: "You do? What kind?"

Colin: "The green kind (chocolate mint) that Grandma gives us for date night."

Me: "The only thing is, Col, that the fireworks are over in Champaign (30 minutes from us)'s a long way from home and the ice cream would melt by the time we got there."

Colin: "Oh. Well, we could just keep it somewhere cool for the ride!" (smiling that he came up with this idea)

Me: "Well, where in the car do you think we could keep it that it would stay cold enough the whole way there?" (thinking he would remember our vacation and the cooler that we took with us to keep drinks/snacks cold)

Colin: "In the air conditioner!"

***Conversation between Colin and Cameron, who, up until this point had been playing very contentedly in their tent in the living room:

Colin, all of sudden: "Cameron, I need you to get out of the tent."

Cameron: "Why, Col-nin?"

Colin: "Because I need some private time right now." (OH. MY. GOODNESS.)

Cameron, quiet for a moment....thinking....comes back with: "No, I nee some pi-vate time now."

Colin: "No, I need some private time!"

Cameron: "No, I do!"

Colin: "Then you go somewhere else!"

Cameron: "Col-nin, NO!"

Colin: "Cameron, go out there and have your private time!" Colin then proceeds to push Cameron out of the tent (with brotherly love, of course.)

Cameron lands on a toy, falls down, and cries for Mommy; Mommy rescues Cameron, dries his tears, and sends Colin to the bathroom for a you-know-what for pushing his brother; Colin cries; Mommy dries Colin's tears, and sends him back out to the living room to apologize to Cameron; Colin hugs Cameron and says he is sorry; Cameron says, "It ok, Col-nin." and peace is restored.

All that, and the clock says it's only 10 after one.

I need some private time.


Julie said...

Wow, sounds like you've had an exciting day!!

That's too bad about your pediatrician. I had that happen once, but fortunately we've had the same one now for 13, I still can't believe I'm the mom of a teenager.

That brotherly love thing is a HOOT!!