Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This card I got made me feel much better

Cameron received a very appropriate card in the mail today.

It had a crocodile, smiling just as big as could be with, of course, a missing tooth, on the front cover, and it read:

"You've got style in your smile (More than any crocodile)....

And on the inside:
"And to tell you the truth--You look CUTE without your tooth!"

Ah, soooooo appropriate.

That, and the money from the very generous tooth fairy (Grandma)....

....made him feel much better.

Thanks Grandma 'Nette!


Faith said...

What does Colin think of Camero losing a tooth before him??? Espically now that the tooth fairy REALLY delivered? :)

Julie said...

I hope Grandma realizes that now the boys will be TRYING to knock their teeth out (at $5 a pop, can you blame 'em?). Just kidding.

What a great card (and generous Grandma!!!)

PS, love the new sidebar pics (and sorry if they aren't really "new", I just happened to notice them just now...)