Friday, August 8, 2008

Happenings, part one: The shed

Shane has been such a busy man around here lately.

Not only does he work a ton of hours away from our home, he works tons around our home as well.

**Disclaimer: These next couple of posts will most likely bore you to tears if you aren't family; so, if you want, I won't be offended at all if you stop reading now. Really--it's okay (but just this once).**

We have family all over the U.S.--New Jersey, Chicago-area, Minnesota and Missouri--and they are constantly asking me about what Shane's been up to around here. They are curious about the construction minded projects we've he's done--so, this one is for you, beloved far away relatives!

A couple of short months ago, in the span of two short days, he built a shed for all of the garden/yard toys tools....

Digging the holes for the posts

Floor in, first wall being built; this is a shot of Shane cutting out the hole for the window

Colin helping with his 'hammer'

Cameron, holding up the wall :-)

If you are wondering here about Shane's change of clothing....we had a major RAIN storm right in the middle of the day, so poor Shane lost three hours or prime daylight working time.....and by the time he went back outside, it was like 20 degrees colder than it was that morning!

Back and side walls built; roof trusses on

My poor boys! I 'banished' them indoors and they were all three standing at the door, just dying to come outside and 'help' some more!

Cutting more material, getting ready to start on the roof

Starting on installation of plywood on the roof

Plywood on, getting ready to start putting on the black paper

Black paper, shingles, drip edge and fascia all installed; time to start the siding!

One wall of siding complete!

Shane even let me help with the siding.....

....for just a little while, though. He took back over pretty quickly. *giggle* Well, I'm not the carpenter in this family!

Building the ramp

All done! He did a great job, and this has been the handiest little building to have!