Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Cameron is only allowed to pick out his PJ's...

...and NOT his clothing!

I have never seen children so psyched over pajamas in my life....but Colin and Cameron absolutely love their pj's. It's become routine to let them pick out their own pajamas at bedtime--and this was Cameron's choice last night:

Construction top; Monster truck bottoms.

And, there was no changing his mind, either....the boys wants what he wants.

Who cares, right? It's just PJ's. And it was so cute, anyway.

And, just 'cause the picture's adorable...


Julie said...

Cameron is so funny! (And oddly enough, I don't think some boys ever grow out of that phase...you should see some of the get-ups Ande tries to put on Puckey and The Jib)

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The Boe's ~ said...

Hilarious. Boys will be boys and they are all alike at this age it seems. Too cute!!