Saturday, March 28, 2009

And, I hope to never see it again.....

When you are driving home from visiting your wonderful family
in the northern part of the state
(i.e. Chicago)
and you are on the interstate, about 10 miles from home
--almost there, almost there--
the last thing you want to look up and see on your
Distance-To-Empty gage is this:

It was un-be-lie-vable.
We were gripping, let me tell you.

I prayed.
Colin prayed.
I prayed again.
God answered.

Thank you, Jesus!!

We made it to a gas station
(after driving on ZERO miles to empty
for approximately two miles)
in the nick of time.

And, don't think we didn't know we were cutting it close--our silly little DTE gage went from

13 miles

to eight miles

to five miles

to zero miles

in about two miles distance. EEK!

We'll make sure not to rely on that little gage so heavily in the future....


Jen said...

That's funny, but so real! I never have gas. Tom gets so mad at me. It takes like two minutes to get gas, but seriously, when it is cold outside, I like to see how low my gas tank can go!

elj377 said...

My husband is nuts and once drove 15 miles with DTE of 0...I about had a heartattack...I've never prayed so hard in my entire life!

Unknown said...

nice. I have done that the last two days when i was driving places. I don't know when I will learn. I have the old model too of a stick to tell you when you are going on E not an actual mile gage. I know one thing though. I will never call my parents when I run out for help. he fills up at half tank all the time. oh boy. glad you made it.

Julie said...

Been there, done that, girl!

Once, Ande, his cousin, his cousin's g/f and I were up north and on the way back (really, REALLY late at night during the winter and it was super cold) we were on E minus and we pulled off the expressway to get gas and the gas station was closed!! We weren't even sure where the next one was, and let me tell you I was praying BIG TIME that we would make it. (We did)

I have also very recently run out of gas as I was pulling into the gas station (TWICE). LOL

I try to fill it up a little sooner these days.

Glad you made it home safe!

Laura said...

I know that when my Gas warning goes off that I have 36 mi. to empty, but man do those mile go by fast. I've definitely been there.

Lori said...

Guess that's why my dad always "PREACHED" to me to never let my gas guage get below 1/2 tank - you just don't know if you can trust those guages or not!! Glad you made it home safely :)