Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ever get lost in the music?

So do my kids.

We love music around here, and the boys have just recently discovered Daddy's Ipod. They love to sit and put the earbuds in their ears and listen for long, loooooonnnnnggg periods of time.

It really is pretty funny--to see a three-year-old with an Ipod in his hand.

The other day, I happened to walk into the kitchen and find Colin sitting on the counter listening to music.

And, he wasn't just listening...he was lost in the song. He had no comprehension of what else was going on around him. *giggle*

It was pretty funny--he didn't even know I was there. I ran down the hall, got the camera, and came back to find him still singing....so rather than snapping a couple of pictures, I hit the record button.

Here's a little taste....oh, and 100 dollars in Merritt Money (which are completely useless anywhere on the planet) if you can guess the song Colin is singing. You can't always make out the words--Colin obviously doesn't know many of them--but when he gets to the chorus they are pretty clear!

{Oh, yeah--and please don't mind Cameron's climbing on the counter pantless mid video....}



Karie said...

That is so cute. Now your gonna have to get one for him.
Cameron-----all I can say is, what the??????
BTW-your dining room looks awesome.

Unknown said...

ok, can't pick out what song it was but I just totally saw colin go from 5 to about 15 towards the end there. wow. growing up fast! those looks he gave when he looked at you cracked me up. so into what he was doing for sure! too cute!

Julie said...

I have NO idea what the song is, but OH MY WORD was that cute! I love how he didn't even notice you until you were practically on top of him with the camera.

As for "no-pants Cami", if people saw my girls on a day-to-day basis, they would seriously wonder if they didn't actually own any clothes. LOL

I figure, it's less laundry that way....

Kara said...

Love it! Caden has an MP3 player Cory's mom got him for our trip to Florida and it is loaded with all kinds of songs and he will run around the house for hours listening to music! We love music too@!

Kathy said...

Ohhh my goodness! This is adorable D! A kid after my own heart! What's the song?

My favorite part was the end where he was like..."huh?" It's like, "Moooom I'm just jam'en." Mom's always cramp the style...

The best is when I catch the kids dancing when think no one is looking.

So great! Glad Cam made a cameo in his tidies! :)

Yesterday went well...by the Grace. I'll email an update. So thankful for you and your prayers


Jen said...

Okay, you have me curious? What is the song? It is not Give Me Your Eyes is it? I really don't think so, but I am throwing it out there. I could use 100 Merritt dollars. :)

BTW, Colin looks old in this video! We need to stop them from getting any older!!!

Julie said...

I have no idea what he is singing! But this is EXACTLY why I don't sing along with my ipod unless I lock the doors first! (Seriously!!)