Monday, March 16, 2009

Slower than normal AND a funny

You are going to have to just hang in there with me for a few days.


Please? Please would you hang in there with me for a few days? Yes, that's better. (I most certainly forgot my manners for a moment there, did I not?)

I have so, so much that I want to share from the Hearts at Home conference, but:

  • my laptop is still on the fritz
  • my desktop is more ancient and slower than ever
  • it is supposed to be in the 70's here the next several days, and that will mean much time spent outside and not inside near this antiquated ol' computer
  • I am still processing everything that I learned and trying to figure out how I want to go about posting it all
  • *and trying to figure out when I will have the time*
  • I have a million and two things I still need to catch up on from being gone

So, please, would you hang in there with me? I promise to be back shortly.


Until then, I shall leave you with a "funny" from my sweet-and-not-at-all-gross firstborn son:

Colin, coming into my office (after he had been put to bed for the night):

"Mom.....I need your help. I have a giant, giant boogie in my nose."

(Now, might I say, that this is actually a big step for him. We are currently working on not getting boogies out with your finger *shudder*, but instead using a Kleenex; so the fact that he got out of bed to ask for my help rather than extricating the boogie on his own is a definite step in the right direction. Ah, the things that make us proud as mothers....)

Me: "Oh, boy. Well, do you need me to go get a Kleenex and help you blow your nose?"

Colin: "Well....actually, this one is so big, I think we might need to go and get the Tweezers."

*And, if you're wondering....the Kleenex managed just fine.*


Julie said...


And yes, we'll wait...I am a little jealous of the 70's where you're at. It's not quite that warm here yet. I'm hoping SOON!

Kirst said...

Funny kid! I too am jealous of the nice weather you are about to have. I'm not sure what 70 is in celsius but it's got to be better than here.

elj377 said...

Oh my goodness...I'm laughing so hard! Gotta love those kind of boogies!