Monday, March 23, 2009

The zoo is more fun the older the boys get

While in Chicago this past weekend, our large extended family all ventured out together to the Brookfield Zoo.

It is a wonderful, very large zoo, and we had a great time with Lynette, Roger, Aimee, and the kiddos!

I love this guy. :-)

The boys peering at the ducks

Joined by Daddy...I love all their matching brown jackets!
Ethan was fascinated!
Cameron, however: "Yeah, yeah. Big deal. I've seen ducks before."

Cameron did like the sloth bear though!

Ethan watching the leopard or "Tai Lung" sleep (as Cameron called him)
They all loved the sea lions.
When I told them the name of these animals, Cameron was quick
to point out that "Those aren't lions, Mommy!"
We went underground to watch for a while...they loved that!

Left to right: Col, E, Cam

Then I was thrilled to take them into the dirty, germ-infested lovely little petting zoo.
The boys rolled up their sleeves and got to work brushing the goats.
"Hey there....what's goin' on? Come here often?"
Ethan showing some early signs of being a close-talker

The boys, under Daddy's instruction, decided to brush the goats
against the grain to give them all mohawks.

E loves animals, and was getting pretty friendly with one particular goat

Why, no, no...,that is not my son tormenting a poor, defenseless goat
by pulling on his ears. He certainly is not laughing while doing it, either.
Why do you ask?

The last shot of the day. We have taken a picture every year with this lion,
but, by this point in the day, the boys had pretty much had it.
Daddy went first, and got this shot:
Mommy went next, and got this one:

Nice, boys. Real nice. Well, my mind's eye got a good picture, even if my camera didn't.
At least I can always count on Colin to give me a great smile!

Great day, great memories. I am looking forward to more zoo trips!


Homegrown Tribe said...

you guys are way too cute! 2 of my boys have that same gap hoodie... isn't it super soft!

we are going to go to the zoo soon.... it is fun when they get bigger.


Julie said...

How fun!

I have to admit, at first glance, I thought you wrote "PEEing at the ducks" LOL

Loved the close talker picture...I laughed out loud at that one.

Glad you had a good time!

Julie said...

"Ethan showing some early signs of being a close-talker" Oh my word! You made me laugh out loud! It looks like you had a great trip and makes me want to take my kids!

Unknown said...

yeah yeah dev. that is all nice and sweet and all but c'mon already and show the best parts about our zoo trip!!!! you know. live things devouring dead things while certain flying things were attacking.... well c'mon already!!!

Jen said...

I love the zoo! I'm glad you guys had fun. I bet it is fun when the kids do get a little older. We went last week and Brooklyn loved the dolphin show. Of course, I spent part of the zoo trip lagging behind and feeding/changing Aiden! :)

The Swenson Family :) said...

Close talker....hahaha....that is Hysterical! Gotta love that Seinfeld episode :) That pic of you and the boys on the Lion is so funny! :) Poor babies :)

Laura said...

My favorite has to be Ethan picking on that poor defenseless goat! Wyatt would be doing the same exact thing. And laughing the whole time! As for the pic of you and the boys...*sigh*...glad it's doesn't happen to just me! :)