Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kindergarten class celebration

Cameron, Ethan and I had so much fun taking 'treats' to Colin's class this morning! I went all out and made cupcakes (ahem). You know, 'cause....five and six-year-olds need cupcakes at 9:30 in the morning.

{Excuse my lovely, beat up and discolored baking sheet. Well, you can tell I use it, at least.}
"Happy 6th Birthday Colin!!"

When it's your special day, you get a special crown, balloons on your seat, get to stand on the chair and get your birthday 'spankings' and have the entire class sing to you. They even sing 'cha-cha-cha' style!

Here's some video of the spankings and the class singing (don't mind me giggling at all the funny things his little classmates were doing the entire video):

Colin was so cute. I love that kid.


rameelin said...

He absolutely looks just like your husband! He's so big and cute! Thanks for sharing your lives with us:)

Aim said...

luke just got so excited during the video. halfway through he realized who it was and said, "hey, mom, that's colin. it's his birthday!" and of course he wanted to watch it again. and again. and...........