Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday musings


~finally sent little Colin back to school today! I have three almost-healthy little boys now. {*Whew and Yay*} Colin has been out of school since last Thursday, and was so excited about going back!

~was not as excited about his going back. *sniff, sniff* I loved having him home, even if he was under the weather!

~had two--count 'em--two date nights last week, thanks to my fab mother! Thank you, Grandma MJ, for spending some extra quality time with the boys.

~celebrated (speaking of Grandma MJ) two birthdays last night! We finally got to have a 'party' for Colin. Technically (don't tell Colin) it was Grandma MJ's birthday, and her party. She turned--well--another year older yesterday, and we shall leave it at that. (I would like her to continue coming for date night, thankyouverymuch.) She graciously agreed to share her birthday party with Colin. Post to come soon!

~have Braxton's constantly these days. Blech.

~am looking for tips on slings. I never used one with the boys--always a Snuggli-type apparatus--but I'd like to give one a whirl this time. Any suggestions?

~am now 30 weeks!

~head back to the doctor on Thursday for a regular checkup. I'm pretty certain he will schedule one more ultrasound, just to make sure everything is a-ok! I'm already excited about getting another peek at Peanut.

~totally went into nesting mode on Saturday. I got so. much. done.

~could hardly move on Sunday because of it, however.

~need to learn how to *take breaks*. Sheesh. Rome wasn't built....and all that jazz.

~am waaaaaaaaaaaaay past the 'cute little pregnant belly' stage, and have now officially moved into 'big-fat-cow-who-can-hardly-bend' territory. But, I'll post a belly shot anyway.

30 weeks!

(And please don't mind part of the anniversary love note, written in soap, on my bathroom mirror...I haven't had the heart to clean it off yet.)

Have a great week, everyone!


Erica Miller said...

You are still very cute! Can't wait to "meet" your new baby :)

Shelly said...

yay for date nights, healthy children and birthdays!! and you look lovely--only 10 more weeks (or maybe slightly less if you're luckier than i =)!!

Stephanie said...

I've been checking into slings too. I think I have a post from Gret somewhere telling me two name brands she really likes (either there or it is on her fb page) I just asked her about this last week. I definitely want one because with the boys in summer activities, I'm hoping this will work much better than the "seat" kind.

Leanne said...

You ARE very cute still.....

And how do you manage to have your hair all cute and stuff in every belly shot??!!!

I pray for you when you come to mind.

30 weeks, wow, time's flying by!!

Slings: I've never used them. I love my Ergo baby carrier with the newborn insert. I'd like to try a sling with my next baby. I've heard lots of my friends like the Maya sling. You ought to do a post about different slings.

How come I always have a suggestion for a post for you?? Lol!

SarahMerritt said...

Glad the boys are feeling better! Wow Peanut is growing!!! Im sure you are all getting so excited and can't wait to meet the newest Merritt!As far as a sling I got the Infantino SlingRider - Black Toile from Target (its $28.49) It worked well for the most part we started her in it from the very beginning so she was very use to it ( It helped me a ton when I was working as a nanny and had 3 other kidos to take care of) I did use a snuggli when we went to Florida but I HATED it it was uncomfortable and pulled at my sholders and back... SO I went in search of something better and I am now in LOVE with my moby wrap It is amazing!!! I worked the local haunted hayride and wore Adlie the entire time she slept or just snuggled but I didnt have problems the next day with my back or shoulders (she weighs over 20 lbs too) *Target has a Pink Moby Wrap for $39.99 right now!!* I hope that helps!

Kathy said...

Are you kidding? You are adorable! So excited for you lady. SO excited.

I love my Maya Wrap Ring Sling. Nora has lived in it her first 2 weeks of life. :-) I find it awkward once they babe gets older but perfect for little ones. My sil loves her hotsling.

Can't wait for the ultrasound update! Woo hoo!

Mindy said...

I am here to agree with the rest! You are still a cute prego girl!!!

Mamasita Chimichanga said...

Hey Dev... I am glad to hear that everything is going so well!

I hope your mama had a great birthday! She is such a sweet person! That is awesome that she gives you guys date nights on a regular basis!

You look great! I myself, LOVE big pregnant bellies! It's just such a reminder of God's miracles!

We have been praying for you in our house! Praying for your boys health and your pregnancy! I hope you get another sono! You'll have to let us know! I have my sono on Friday! I can't wait to find out what this baby is and get shopping!!!

Hope you have a great week!

Kacy =)

Aim said...

hey dev! I used the maya wrap with liv and loved it!It can be used up til the toddler stage so I thought it was well worth it!!!!! So many different ways to use it too. Know there are so many other good ones out there too but this one just caught my eye.

Theresa said...

Devin you are definitely still in the cute belly stage. I was that size at 3 months so you are way smaller than I was!