Thursday, November 26, 2009


Last year, I posted this around Thanksgiving:

I'm Thankful.....

.....for the recent sickness in our house.....because it has helped remind us to be ever appreciative of our normally good health.

.....for NOT having television.....because it has given us the gift of time with each other.

.....for the few extra pounds around my middle.....because it means we certainly are not lacking for food in our home.

.....for the zoo that will by my in-laws' house at Thanksgiving, with over 30 people attending.....
because I know there are many who spend this day alone, with no family to surround them.

.....for the fact that I came from what the world would call a "broken" home (though, it never seemed broken in any way to me at the time).....because now, I really know the value of keeping my family together.

.....for the times I want to pull my hair out when my children are just NOT getting a concept I am trying to teach them.....
because it makes it that much sweeter once they finally own that concept for themselves, and put it into practice without Mommy's prompting.

.....for Cameron shouting "poop" in the middle of Wal-Mart.....because that word was preceded by the sentence, "P says 'puh', like.....Poop!" and it means all our phonics lessons are really sinking in.

And, this year....

.....for the many nights I've spent alone over the last several weeks.....because it means that God is abundantly providing work and income for my family.

.....for the dust that is on almost every surface of my furniture and taunts me daily is just waiting on me to clean it off.....because it means that I have a house to collect dust in, and 'stuff' to collect dust on.

the leg cramps
the heartburn
the constant weariness
the middle of the night 'attacks' of sickness

the shortness of breath

the incredibly achy back

the inability to bend
the vein 'issues'

the sleepless nights
the 17 extra pounds around my middle everywhere.....

.....for the sweet little girl that's growing in my belly--need there be an explanation for that one?

I'm so thankful--to the Lord, of course, from Whom all blessings come--for all the little things, and all the big things.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Kenzie said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! So thankful for all of those things too... for you of course (that baby girl of yours, NOPE, not another one for me yet!!)

Hope y'all have had a WONDERFUL day!
Love ya,

Robin Bair said...

Amen sister. :) well spoken. Happy Thanksgiving.

Leanne said...

This is a great post.

Truly well written.

I like to think that gratefulness and thankfulness is like a sweet smelling savor to the Lord.

I hope you always have a thankful spirit.

And I'm so glad for your Peanut too!!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Great post and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Julie said...

Right on Dev!!

I'm thankful that I have a wonderful friend who prays for me and makes me smile on a very regular basis. :)

Kathy said...

Amen, amen. May God continue to bless you sweet friend....