Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pregnant cleaning

This week, I may or may not have:

**Vacuumed the kitchen table, because I had the vacuum going already, and it was easier and closer than getting the rag and wiping everything down.

**Used my blow dryer to *blow* all of the debris and hair on my bathroom floor over to the corner, where I could 'bend and pick up'
once, rather than stooping all over the entire bathroom to 'dustpan' it all up.

**Turned my kitchen throw rugs
over, rather than throwing them in the wash. So much less effort, and now they'll get twice the use. Right? Right?

**Considered doing the same thing with our bed sheets.

**I said considered it.

**Let my four-year-old do the dishes, when I knew he really just wanted to play in the bubbles. I figure....we're just going to get them dirty again. (And, for the record, I did check, and they got pretty clean.)

**Swiffer dusted, when I really should have pledged and rag-wiped.

**Forgot to dust one area of my bedroom and instead,
wiped it "clean" using my hand and then wiped the dust/dirt on my t-shirt. *sigh* The swiffer duster was all the way back in the kitchen by then, and my shirt was dirty anyway....

**Used the vacuum hose attachment to pick up one or two or twelve things I didn't want to bend over and get, since I was vacuuming anyway, and accidentally sucked up one or two things that just aren't supposed to go in vacuums.....

*Cleaned some portions of my bathroom floor with baby wipes.

{After reading this, I'm fairly certain that my mother will no longer associate with her embarrassing slob of a daughter anymore. Anyone want to come to my rat's nest and keep the boys for Date Night tomorrow?}

In all seriousness: please, don't judge me. I'm tired, huge, and can barely move/bend these days.


Unknown said...

I am right there with you. I feel like bending over is so hard right now. I need one of those grabber hands to pick up toys and laundry. I am having to let some things go, which can be hard for a Type A person.

Kate @ When Hello Means Goodbye said...

love it! I am laughing so hard right now! you crack me up!
I may or may not do those same things when I am not pregant! lol

Shaye said...

No judgement here....I'm NOT PG and I do those things, Yes I admit it. LOL

Unknown said...

ummmmm. you have to be pregnant to do those things? whoops. I guess I am lazier than I thought. why else to they have extentions on vacuum hoses???? I thought it was so you could stay in one spot and get everything within arms reach. I have a 17ft. extention. haha. nice right?

Its A Corny Life... said...

Seriously, just the fact that you are cleaning at all is impressive. I stopped "cleaning" a while ago. Now, if it's a countertop I can reach without effort, it might get wiped clean. Everything else is out, unless someone else in my house is willing to do it.

rameelin said...

Ok, somedays I felt like this even before I was pregnant. Now that I'm just starting out with baby 3, I feel more tired than ever before. It takes so much effort to do the little things. And...they're not quite as important as we think they are anyway (or so I tell myself). Today I let Braden splash out half of the bath water before ever getting up to tell him any different. I would have never done that a few weeks ago. But, I just didnt have the energy to mess with is. Bah. I meant to tell you how cute you are looking! I love your growing belly and you have such a gorgeous glow. Thinking of you!

Robin Bair said...

i LOVE it. :) I remember not being able to touch the floor at all. lol And needing my husbands help to roll out of bed. lol Least you still care about cleaning. I just cared to survive. lol

Leanne said...

You have NO idea how my heart laughed at this post!!!

Turning over the bedsheets!! Oh, that made me snort! My husband would be HORRIFIED!!! HAHAHAHAH!

Yeah, how many times have I done the hand dusting thing??

This was a great post, Devin!

Mary Ann said...

Yeah, absolutely NO judgment from my corner. I have done several similar things & some others that cause me to blush at my methods & I have never been pregnant. Just tired. Or lazy. Or unmotivated. I applaud you for trying to keep anything clean during your busy pre-Christmas, pregnant, active-mommying-of-three-boys days!
And I'm sure your mom has some secrets of her own :-)

Julie said...




Crap. Now I have to go clean, since you are doing a better job at cleaning at 9 months pregnant that I ever do ANY time.

Gee, thanks for the guilt trip Dev! LOL

Love ya girl - called you today but got the VM.

Word Verification: sweda - as in, "It's COLD outside, better wear a sweda."

Kathryn said...

Well, I'm NOT pregnant, and I probably did half of those things myself you will get no judgment from me. You go girl! :)

Jen said...

It sounds like your house is cleaner than mine! But, I must say that I did clean the main bathroom today-bathtub and all. It. Was. Gross.

Kathy said...


Girl you are loved. {Oh how I can relate!!!}

Theresa said...

I do several of those things! I'm so glad to know that someone else cleans the bathroom with baby wipes at times..they're right there next to the potty and SOOO convenient! I have also dust busted my kitchen table on a few too many occasions! I'm definitely going to try the blow dryer's insane how much hair is all over the bathroom when I'm done even just brushing it! Great post Devin...had me laughing!