Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ch-ch-changes . . . .

So, my wonderful blog designer friend Hilary has been working hard over here! *grin*

Little miss Lola has finally been added to our header--don't think I haven't felt terrible about that for six months and 28 days! Hilary also hooked me up with some fancy new fonts and images, and there are a couple of other minor tweaks in the works as well, which will be going up in the next few days.

Everything should be up and running very soon, but for now, I am already loving the new look of Our very Full House!


Julie said...

Love it. You know, Puckey mentioned the other day that you needed to "add that girl baby" to your king, queen, and jok(st)er picture. LOL

Amanda Hoyt said...

Love Love Love the blog makeover you got :)
You are such an awesome friend and blessing to me. Wish I could see you and your precious family everyday instead of looking at your blog and checking on you on FB. Hopefully someday soon we can become IRL friends! LOL
Love and hugs