Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Window shopping for Fall -- TIGHTS edition

Girls are fun!
The end.

{Where do you find cute tights for your girls?}


Jenny said...

How adorable!!!!! Girls ARE so....much fun aren't they!

boltefamily said...

For Hope's first winter...last year I just went out and bought all kinds of cute tights...and she never wore them because I had NO clothes to go with them. :) This year I am wising up...I just got out her fall wardrobe and am taking inventory of her clothes and dresses and am going to buy tights based on her current wardrobe. UGH Girls ARE fun, but it sometimes makes me buy things on impulse! :)

Kim in NJ said...

I had the same problem as the pp. I would buy all these adorable tights, but have nothing to pair them with. I get nervous mixing the different patterns of tights with anything other than a solid color dress. I'm not very fashion forward.

My youngest daughter is 5, (and a half, she would add here), and we're having a really good time with skirt/dress and knee socks. Sooo cute with a pair of Mary Janes.

I like Gymboree, Old Navy, GAP Children's Place, and Target for tights. I like them even better as hand me downs :) I wish they'd had those cute ballet slipper ones when my girls were younger!

Amanda Hoyt said...

LOVE that last pair (pink with black polkas with little "shoes")!
I usually can find some dresses that come with tights at target :)
Love you,