Thursday, September 16, 2010

His leg may be broken -- but he still has his spunk

Ethan, to my friend Laura, while sitting in the grass at her house playing with a truck:

"Can you get that truck (pointing to the other side of the yard) for me?"

Laura: "Sure, Ethan....can I get a 'please'?"

Ethan looks at her--quite obviously thinking about her request--and then, even in his can't-get-anywhere-quickly-and-can-only-scoot-on-his-bottom-state, replies:

*sigh* "I'll just get it myself."


Leanne said...


*and you turned your head away (so he couldn't see you) and had a chuckle*???

PS: GYMBOREE alllllll the way for the cutest tights and leggings! They have great sales too. I'm a Gymbofreak.