Monday, December 6, 2010

Good / Better / Best

{This post brought to you today by Lola, to help beat your Monday drearies.}



(Her new {hysterical} cheesy there, don't you feel better?)


Kara said...

That is downright (is that one word?) FUNNY!! Thanks Lola :)

Theresa said...

I LOVE IT!!!! That so made my day! Thanks for sharing Dev!! :o) When did she get so many teeth? Oh my word!

Leanne said...

Ahhhh......those teenie little teeth peekin' out!! That is possibly the cutest cheesy face!!

Yep, my spirit is lightened considerably by seeing those pics!!!

Thanks for sharing Lola!!!

Jenny said...

Ahhh...she is just ADORABLE!!!! Thanks for sharing that! Happy Monday to you too!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE those sweet cheeks!
Isn't it great to have a little girl?!?!?
Love ya'll

Kathy said...

Love her!!!!!!!! Oh how this made my night. She fits in, girlfriend LOVEIT!