Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love how little minds think

Today, I was lamenting over my laundry pile.

Correction. Piles.

I've been sick for the better part of a week, so my normally semi-contained pile has really gotten the best of me.

In addition to the normal towels/whites/lights/darks/jeans/Shane's work clothes/delicates/Lola's clothes loads, I've also been trying to de-germ: which means all blankets, all comforters, and all pillows must go through the hot wash//double rinse cycle.

My laundry room is not pretty. And, I won't lie--it's kinda been makin' me grouchy.  (I justify it by saying a laundry room in this state would make anyone grouchy....but, even so, I know my attitude has been stinky.)


Me: *grumblegrumblesighgrumbledeepbreathgrumblesigh*

Colin, meanwhile, is observing me.

"Mommy, what's wrong?"

"Oh, Colin...I'm just bummed out 'cause I have all this laundry to do."
"Oh,, I will help you!"

He began pulling clothes out of the dryer and putting them into a basket.  Then, once the basket was filled, he took it down to my room for me so that I could fold it. (There may or may not have been several other baskets in my bedroom, also waiting to be folded. Ahem.)

When he came back to the kitchen, he said to me,

"Mommy? When I get to heaven, you know what I'm gonna ask Jesus for? Not anything for me .... I'm just gonna ask Him to give you this certain super power....the kind that when you snap your fingers, all your laundry will be done and folded for you! 

Now, I'm not sure if He will do we better not get our hopes up or anything....but I'm sure gonna ask Him for you anyway!"

And, suddenly....this Momma wasn't so grouchy anymore.

I love that kid.


Its A Corny Life... said...

Seeing as how I am surrounded by my own laundry pile(s), I so LOVE this story. Totally different subject...did you see the Illini game tonight?

Shelly said...

ah! *love*! isn't amazing how a sweet word from one of our precious ones solves so many problems? that laundry finger snap power would be pretty amazing though! =)

Monkee said...

bless his little heart! I hope Jesus DOES give you those powers :)

Kara said...

He made this grouchy momma smile today too :) I am so overwhelmed by my piles :( Hoping we both get it all done soon! Love you guys!

Leanne said...

Isn't it so wonderful how, looking at our kids, we can see a reflection of God's encouragement and strength at times??

I will pray that you always have eyes to see that.

*and what an awesome kid!!!***

Amanda Hoyt said...

Oh what a sweetheart!!
and what a blessed mommy you are :)