Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Looks like I have a bit of work to do in the "teaching of the body parts" department

A conversation between Cameron and me today:

Cameron: "Mommy, I don't feel very good."

Me: "What's the matter, buddy?"

Cameron: "I have a headache."

Me: "Oh, you do? Well, where does it hurt?"

Cameron: "My tote."

Me: "Your throat?"

Cameron: "Yeah."

Me: "Where is that, Cameron? Show Mommy where it is you hurt."

Cameron: "Right here."

And.....he points to his belly.



Rachel said...

Aw, Hope his headache, uh throat, tummy is feeling better soon.

Julie said...

So cute. It's interesting how kids relate to their (and other people's) bodies.

My kids have made some funny references before too.

Nancy said...

I love it!!!! Sure hope it isn't anything serious, though!

This morning, Aaron saw a "morning double" on the fence. (translate: mourning dove) He also sang "The Farmer in the Jail (dell)." I love the fun things they say when they aren't even trying to be funny. :)

Kirst said...

Too funny!