Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Common sense prevention of the Swine Flu:

You probably shouldn't do this.
Happy Tuesday everyone!


Unknown said...

UUUGGHHHH! that was all I said when I saw this. so glad it wasn't any of your children or anyone I knew. yuck

Karie said...

ya, that's is disgusting. I agree with Aimee, thankfully it's no one we know. I would have had to disown a niece or nephew, haha.

Carolyn said...

Ha! That's great and I think illustrates nicely the extreme that the media has taken with all of this - almost to the point of reminding us we can't lick pig mouths anymore.

Thanks for your email and well wishes.

Have a fun day,

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Oh my!! Thank you so much for the laugh this morning!

Julie said...

One of my facebook friends had this as his profile picture...LOL!