Sunday, May 10, 2009

A thankful heart

This Mother's Day, I am thankful for many things, and the many special mothers in my life...and I wanted to share it publicly.

For Shelly--whose love for her girls and her family inspires me on a daily basis.

For Kathy--who listens patiently and seems to always know exactly what I need to hear to move in the direction that I need to go....and is willing to invest the time necessary to get me there.

For Kara--who shares so much in common with me that it's almost surreal, and can empathize like none other on 'those days' because she's living almost the same daily life as I am.

For Julie--who is always there to make me smile, listen to my rants, rejoice with me, and encourage me like most people can not. You keep me going on many, many occasions.

For those Titus 2 women at my church--who, weekly, set an example of grace and dignity that I hope to attain someday.

For Sarah--who is younger than I am by quite a few years, but has been a wonderful example and friend to me in so many, many ways. We've walked the mountains and the valleys together, and I am so grateful for your friendship.

For Jen and Laura--who are my closest girlfriends, both geographically and emotionally. I can count on you two for anything, and I hope our bond continues to strengthen and deepen as we 'grow old(er)' together. *grin*

For Karie and Aimee--who are related only by marriage, but could be no more of a sister to me even if they shared my same gene pool. I love you both. Dearly.

For Lynette--who has shown herself to be the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful mother-in-law that I could have imagined. Thank you for all you have done for me, and for accepting me and treating me as your very own daughter.

For Grandma Franzi--who I love more than life, and sits in the most special of places in my heart. I am so grateful for the time the Lord has given me with you.

For Amy--who accepted me and treated me like I was your own, from the very, very beginning. Thank you for always working so hard at keeping me close, even though I was so far, far away from you.


For my Mom--who could be no better. I thank God everyday that He chose to put me in your care. Thank you for the countless sacrifices you have made over the years for me, and for the sacrifices you continue to make now for the good of my marriage and my family. I love you with every fiber of my being.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you very special women, whom I will forever be grateful for. Through knowing you, I have become a better person.


Kathy said...

Truly, profoundly and deeply humbled D. Truly. I feel so unworthy of that complement, but I thank you nonetheless.

YOU are an amazing example of a mother who gives her all. A mother I strive to be like. And I thank you for the constant you are in my life. What a blessing you are!

So much love on Mother's Day to you. So much. (What a great gig this is huh? The little men we get to hang out with everyday!? Yahoo!)


Shelly said...

happy mother's day sweetie! nothing makes me crave a little boy more than seeing how sweet yours are (and all the fabulous red hair! it!!) and how much you love them! enjoy your day and thank you for making mine even more special with your special mention!

Jen said...

Awww. . . Dev, Thanks! I so cherish our friendship! You are a great frienda and a wonderful, loving mother. I am glad that we are going through this journey of motherhood together. It's the best ride ever! Of course, the ride gets a little bumpy sometimes, but it is comforting to know that I have a friend literally right down the street that I can call on during the good and the bad! Love ya!

Laura said...

I thank God for bringing you into my life again just when He knew I needed that friend. You continually remind me how to be a good GODLY mother and wife. I'm so thankful that we can vent to each other and laugh with and at each other and know each so well. Thanking God and praying for you and your men daily.