Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Musings


~had a great visit with family the last five days! Hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. I have so much to be thankful for!!

~am so behind on email. Ack. We have been so busy!

~spent the day on a cleaning rampage again. But my house looks goooooooooood.

~am spending the rest of my night with my back on a heating pad because of it. *back.hurts*

~am excited about snuggling into my new (Target Black Friday deal!) flannel sheets. A whole complete set for $14...can't beat it!

~did not, mind you, brave the stores on Black Friday in the wee hours. I went much later than the crazies, but earlier than the lazies, and managed to score a couple of good deals! There is nothing, nothing on this earth I need a deal on badly enough to fight those crowds. *shudder*

~put our (well, one of our) Christmas tree(s) up last night! I was so excited--this is our big tree, the kind that has like, 814 different, color-coded branches and takes forever to put together and shape--but the boys helped (Colin read which color was next, Cameron found that color and, with Ethan's help, brought those particular branches to me and Shane, who assembled and shaped) and we had that sucker together, lit, beaded, bowed, and ornamented in about an hour and a half! I was so excited about putting it up, but so dreading the process. It turned out to be a great, successful family activity. It. Is. Beautiful. Yay!

~shall do the other one tomorrow night with the boys. Here's hoping it is just as successful.

~had a good cry over Baby Merritt's Christmas tree ornament from 2007. Now that that's out of me, I will be able to look at it for the rest of the season and smile, knowing exactly where my baby is and Who s/he is spending this Christmas with.

~really, really, really, really, reeeeeaaaaalllllly want this. In fact, I think this just may classify as a need. Seriously. I mean, it would prevent a lot of unnecessary conversations with complete strangers. Anyone with me?

~have another SONO on Wednesday! Woot! Can't wait to see my Peanut...and I can't believe I'm 32+ weeks! (If you think of us, say a prayer that all is still well...still can't help but be *just a mite* nervous.)

Happy Monday, everyone!


Leanne said...

That shirt is soooooo cute! I could really use one of those!

I will be praying for your sono.

I think I'm getting a wee bit into the Christmas spirit!

Take care.

Shelly said...

that shirt is awesome! also--praying for your sono! how exciting to see your baby but i understand the worry! i worry the whole time i'm pregnant and then everyday after that too =) happy decorating!!

Kara said...

I am a big fan of Suz Steece and I LOVE THAT SHIRT!!! I need one too don't you think! When I had the three boys and the two pets at the vet, it came out in conversation that we are about to be foster parents and you should have seen the looks I got! Hope you have a great appt this week, I will try to call you! Miss talking to you!!! Love you girl!

Julie said...

OH.MY.WORD I need that shirt too! Just with the two little girls I get that - then when I add that there are 3 older ones...let's just say people act like I am some sort of superhero or something for having 5 kids. Which, well, okay, so in reality I AM a superhero, but I try to keep that info to myself. HA!

Been thinking about you and Baby Merritt as of late as well. :*( Glad you're doing okay.

Amanda Hoyt said...

Hi Devin,
Just sent you a super long email but wanted to comment on your post as well :)
I just re-read your Baby Merritt post - the one I originally commented on in January of this year. I was in tears as I poured over your post (your heart). I so feel/felt your pain and am also remembering our baby Noah alot lately. It seems the holidays make us remember our lost loved ones more for some reason...In loving memory of our babies in Heaven.
Hugs and prayers,
P.S. Does Colin still bring up Baby Merritt? Caitlin is still talking about her brother Noah. She tells Madison about her big brother almost every day. It is so bittersweet. I get a lump in my throat each time I overhear these conversations. It's amazing how my tiny girl has held on to his memory for so long :)

Amanda Hoyt said...

P.P.S. did you mean to post a belly pic ?? We wanna see!! :) LOL

Meghan said...

I NEED that shirt!!! Along with the one I saw yesterday that says "I'm not bossy! I just know what you should be doing."