Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Happenings

There is something so special to me about waking up on Christmas morning with my hubby and my boys. They usually wake up early, come and climb in our bed, and crawl all over us until we get up and take them to open presents!

I just
love it.

This year was a bit different. Due to the Christmas Eve service the night before, and the very busy few days we had leading up to Christmas, the boys were pooped--and I was actually the first one up and out of bed. {Well, someone had to put that monstrous ham in the oven!} I maneuvered quietly around in the kitchen, and pretty soon, down the hall came....Shane.

For the record: it was 9 a.m. All the boys were still sound asleep.

doesn't this happen any other day? Hmmmmph.

We started being a bit louder, until finally, my three wild-haired, pajama-clad little men came rolling out of their beds. Instantly, the excitement hit, and we all went into the living room to begin devouring Mommy and Daddy's presents!

Colin was so hyped-up; he could barely contain himself!

Ethan digging on his new 'choo-choo Thomas' toy!

Cameron--a love affair with Chick Hicks.
This particular model yells at the top of it's lungs talks, by the way.

Bakugans from Aunt Deanna and Uncle Alan--I sure don't understand these round little balls,
but my boys can manage to play with them for hours....

Another 'choo-choo Thomas' toy, this one from Aunt Deanna and Uncle Alan!
(And this one was actually the one he wanted!)

Superman PJ's!! Col put them on post-haste.

Oooh, big score here (again from Aunt Deanna! That woman knows how to buy a present, I tell you!) for Cameron....Imaginext Dinos!
(Baby Peanut got the cutest Carters' clothes too....but I didn't get any pictures because, at this point in the day, I was still looking all kinds of scary. We'll be sure to have her model them for you soon, Aunt Deanna!!)

E can now be Buzz Lightyear....

...or Woody anytime he wants!

Catching a theme, here? Cameron as Batman.
{Who knew little boys like to 'dress up'?}

Superman and Batman. As Colin would say, they are the 'best of friends'.

All three of the boys, opening up Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa's gift....

....and it was a big one!
The big boys knew right away what it was.
You can see the excitement on their faces!
"A Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!" They both shouted!
So, so exciting!
Ethan was not quite as excited.
"Ummmm....what am I supposed to do with this thing?"

We were done with presents soon after that, and took a break for a little while to clean up, finish up the food, and grab a bit of breakfast. A bit later, Grandma MJ came over.....and the present opening began again!

I absolutely love this picture of Colin. Grandma MJ managed to find something for him that he has been wanting for ages and ages....and when he caught a peek of it through the wrapping paper, he just got sooooooo excited! The look on his face is adorable. Sheer joy!

A real Spiderman costume!!

Cameron got Wolverine.....

And, not to be left out, little E got the 'dark' Spiderman.

My kids have never seen any of these movies or cartoons, but through friends/peers/being out in society they have learned of superheroes. They are now in a full-fledged superhero stage, and I have to admit--it's pretty cute. *grin*

Another Grandma MJ gift: UP!
Cami was happy. He likes Kevin. *giggle*

They boys were all very pleased with Grandma's loot!

After presents, all of my family arrived....we hosted about 15 people, and it was great fun! A lot of work for a very pregnant woman, but I truly enjoyed it. I just felt like I was channeling my Grandma Franzi all day, and it was a really, really nice feeling. I really felt like she was there, watching over me, guiding me along.

I really miss her.

We ate a yummy dinner, and then it was back to more presents--my camera had pooped on me by this time, but the boys got lots more goodies--yeesh!

My mom and I, at the end of the day after everyone had left. She stayed and helped me clean up, and get my house back in some semblance of order. That was a great gift in itself!
The next day, Grandma 'Nette and Grandpa arrived. That evening, we sat down guessed some more presents!

All together now....

In order of immediate excitement about what was inside:
Colin--about an eight and a half out of ten, I'd say.

Cameron--maybe a five.

Ethan--I don't you think he broke a two?

And, don't let him fool you....Daddy was more enthralled
than any of the boys with these puzzle-like creatures!

Baby Peanut and one of her Christmas gift from Grandma and Grandpa

So fun....Lynette opening up her Christmas gift.
She was.....


....EXCITED!! Yay!

Roger was excited about his gift, too. Really--he was.
This is him, being really excited.
You just have to trust me.

And, a picture in their new shirts from Grandpa Danny and Amy! Love this shot.
Love my boys.

I hope your Christmas Day/previous and following days were as wonderful as ours. Our family is excited to start the new year....we're looking forward to so many more good things to come, and we wish you all the same!!

Happy 2010!!


Leanne said...

Devin, I just loooooove that pic of Cameron and Colin as Superman and Batman! Look at Cameron's face....instantly won my heart!

You know, I started reading your post and found myself at first feeling like I was in a foreign land, what with all the boy toys and cars and superhero stuff....but now I find myself craving a little boy of my own!! My "little boy" is no longer little at over 6 feet tall, and it seems those days of cars and balls and stuff are so far in the past I can't really remember them! So having a tiny boy around again would sure be a blessing!

Russell was a HUGE Thomas fan too when he was that age, and it made me smile to see those toys!

Christmas can be magical, huh?

And I just am on pins and needles waiting for Peanut!!!!

Happy New year!

Kathryn said...

Aw, you've got to post the scary pictures! Did you see my hair in the one where I'm reading the Christmas story to the kids? Haha! I smiled looking at all the costumes. Parker had a Spiderman costume that he wore, and wore, until the legs got so short they were just below his was SO funny! He loved that thing. And don't even get me started on Thomas. We just sold all of that stuff last year :( He loved all of those trains so much. What a wonderful Christmas you had!

I'm with Leanne...I can't wait for little britches to get here! :)

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Whew! I'm tired just reading that! :) So glad you had a wonderful celebration with family!

You know what's even MORE adorable than your cuties all dressed up in their super hero digs???? A few years down the road when they pull them out of the box and try to squeeze their little bodies into them, and they parade around with ginormous grins as their arms and legs protrude out- and they just know that they are all.that.and.more.


Happy New Year!!

Amanda Hoyt said...

So cute!
Looks like ya'll had soo much fun :)

Kathy said...


And um when did Ethan become a little man??? Are you kidding me?!! He's so grown up!

Love your boys. {Love those costumes!} Love your family.

Happy 2010 sweet lady so thankful I've gleaned a friend in you!