Monday, July 21, 2008

Best patient EVER

You can verify this with Shane.

I am certain he will back me up, and tell you that this is the honest truth.

I have been the world's easiest, nicest, most content, happiest, in-the-least-pain-you-can-imagine patient in the history of the world since getting my wisdom teeth out last Friday.


Ok, so not really. I haven't been a complete bear or anything, but my mouth has HURT me, and it's really made me a total grouch a little 'on edge'. I was all set to sleep my days away on the Vicodin, but turns out, just like other medicines, I didn't react to this one very well. It didn't make me sleepy, or 'loopy', and it wasn't the "little happy pill" (that's a shout out to you, Rog) that I thought it was going to be.

It made me throw up.

Now, throwing up is bad enough. But when you just had your wisdom teeth out?

Ouch. Seriously. Ouch.

I've been taking it anyway, of course, 'cause not taking it and feeling the excruciating pain is way worse than taking it and being nauseous here and there. But, it's a little scary, because I never know just when that 'icky feeling' is going to hit me.

It hit yesterday, on the way to church. That was my first ever experience throwing up on the side of the road. But, I did it, felt better, climbed back in the car, and on we went.

Yeah, yeah.....I'm such a trooper. Whatever. It had nothing to do with being a trooper....I just wasn't turning around at that point, after dragging myself out of bed and getting all ready and everything! Onward!

And I only got sick once at church. That wasn't too bad. I did stay home last night though....I'm not a complete glutton for punishment.

And, I've been sooooooooooo hungry. I've been eating, of course (what am I, crazy?)....but this "soft" diet is absolutely for the birds. There is only so much pudding and yogurt one can eat before she starts going crazy for like, chips and salsa or Gross' Burgers or something. Give me something with substance. Sheeeesh.

But, I'm over the hump now. I think, anyway....surely as I say that, of course, I will probably have to head to the bathroom again.

Thanks for all your emails and encouraging words--I felt the prayers!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel some better. I've been praying for you. Love, Lynette

Kara said...

That sounds miserable...I remember throwing up right after I had my wisdom teeth out...yucko! I will pray it gets better soon! You are a trooper mom!

Julie said...


Sorry I missed so much while I was working on the super secret project!

Hope your mouth (and tummy) are feeling much better today. I had my wisdom teeth done when I was 20, and it was AWFUL!

I'll be blogging about the project soon, when I get caught up with some stuff around our house...