Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Shane's been gone since Monday, and I have been missing him terribly.

While thinking about Shane being up in Chicago with his brother Roger (doing who-knows-what sorts of shenanigans in their spare time when they aren't working on Rog's new bathroom project), I was reminded of this series of pictures that I took while we were in Wisconsin in June. (There were many shenanigans that went on there, too. *giggle*)

I was amazed then at how much they were alike...they even move alike! It's almost weird.

So, in honor of me missing my hubby, and him being in Chicago having some boy time with Rog....

Here are the boys doing some "fish chasing". Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like.
Walking in the water, chasing a fish, and maybe even thinking they were going to catch it.
Shane is on the left, Rog on the right.

Miss you Babe!
You better be taking good care of him Rog!