Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It just never gets old to me

No matter how many times (at least 6-7) per day I hear Cameron randomly say,

"Don't touch the butt!" (a line from Finding Nemo, in case you aren't savvy).....

....I still find it hilariously funny.

That is all.


Julie said...

My ultimate, ALL TIME FAVORITE part of that movie is when the bubbles from the underwater mines go up next to the birds, and the one says, "NICE" and flies off.

Don't touch the butt is about my third fave, right after, "You guys made me ink!"

(Yeah, I've pretty much got that movie memorized by's a big hit here at the Kirby house)

Kara said...

I must be missing out...Caden doesn't like movies, just annoying cartoon dvds...I knew I was missing something!

Unknown said...

I loved the line, "Awwww, you guys made me ink."

He would so fit in with my boys.