Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Letter A

Well, I have finally found a great use for my old magazines that I never know what in the world to do with.

If you follow my blog, you know that we decided to keep Colin home this year, and not enroll him into preschool. There were many reasons for our doing so, and everyday that goes by I am more and more glad for the decision we made. I know there are many who disagree with the idea of home schooling, or say, "I could never do that"; I was one of those people for a long time myself. But, I must say, what I thought it was going to be like really isn't how it has been at all, and I am really enjoying teaching him at home. It is really neat to see him learning right before my very eyes, and being able to watch the wheels turning while he is grasping new concepts and ideas. (Also, let me just say that the decision to keep Colin home was, so far, just for this year. What will we do about Kindergarten? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, that's what!)

We have been working on numbers (reading and writing them--we're up to 8 already!) and letters/phonics, as well as many other concepts and ideas. Colin's project this morning in our "learning time" was to look through a magazine for things that begin with the letter "A"; cut those items out; and then glue(stick) them onto construction paper.

Here is what he came up with:
He wrote the "A's" at the top of the paper
(and my scanner cut off part of the capital A)
then found:
  • An arrow
  • A real letter "A"
  • 2 different pictures of apples
  • An antler (really hard to see, I know)
  • An ape
  • And then the one I was most proud of--an "accident" (it is a picture of a lady wiping up spilled cereal!)
He also named a few other things that started with the letter "A"--an alligator and an axe, to be specific--but we didn't have any luck finding pictures of them in the September 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. *giggle*

Keep watch for the presentation of the letter "B"--coming soon to a blog near you!


Julie said...

Absolutely Awesome!!

(In keeping with the letter "A" theme...)

I'll have to think of a couple of "B" words for next time.

YEAH, Colin!! (And good teaching, Mama!)

Anonymous said...

Good Job Colin!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!Can't wait to see you.
Love, Grandma

The Boe's ~ said...

So cute....great idea for the A page!! =)

Karie said...

That is great to have him doing things like that. I have started doing "school time" with Reese too. It's fun and it gives a mommy a boost of confidence when they actually get something.

Unknown said...

hey now. I don't think I was done with those magazines! aw man! hopefully he didn't cut out the part of that easy Apple butter.
oh well. looks like I will just have to buy it now instead of making it.(thanks col):)

Kara said...

Way to go Colin! I am way impressed you have the patience to teach him...I don't! That is a big reason we sent Caden to preschool, plus the fact that I have a 20 month old and a newborn at home!

Kathy said...

Oh Devin this is great!

You're going to regret showing me this because now I will bend your ear about preschool! I have no idea what I am doing but I'm enjoying it!

I wish we could have a homeschool preschool group! :)

Many blessings my friend!