Tuesday, November 11, 2008

8 years today

If you follow my blog, you know that Shane and I already celebrated our anniversary (early) with a wonderful trip to Chicago. But, now, our exact anniversary 'day' is here, and I thought I would take a minute to share a glimpse of what my life was like, eight years ago today....

Our program, my bouquet and Shane's boutonniere, my shoes, and our rings

During the song that I sang to Shane at our wedding, "(Won't you) Give me forever"

Lighting the Unity candle

First kiss

Me and my very special Grandma Franzi

The 'official' wedding pose

Oh, I just love this one. Just the two of us in the candlelight

Cutting the cake

And, lastly, two of my very favorites. Off to the Honeymoon!

It's been an incredible eight years. I wouldn't change one thing--not one--about our time together. I'm thankful for all the wonderful times--and there are so very many--and, truly, I am even thankful for the difficult times. I feel blessed to be able to say that the most difficult times in our marriage have been times that have only brought us closer to God and to each other.

Here's to 60 more years babe! I love you with all my heart.


Julie said...

Good grief - did you two get married when you were twelve??? You look SO young!

Okay, that didn't sound so great, now that I think about it - you look really young NOW, and even younger then...

Anyway, before I dig myself deeper - you two look gorgeous, and the smile I see in those pictures from 8 years ago is the smile I see in the pictures from more recent times. Which is a GREAT thing!

Happy Anniversary!

Homegrown Tribe said...

you guys are too cute! love all the pictures... happy anniversary!


Kara said...

love the pics, but guess what...another similarity, I too sang to Cory at our wedding! This is just too funny, we have to meet!

boltefamily said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day. Love, MOM

The Boe's ~ said...

OH.MY.WORD. Look at you two! Loved this post....you guys were SO YOUNG looking, yes, even younger looking than you still look =) I didn't know you got married in November!! BRRRRR!

Loved your last post of the tree. I miss all the colors already! =( Leaves fall too quickly!

Have a happy day!

jillybean said...

Okay, I know it's already been said, but you guys look SO YOUNG! That was one of my first thoughts, as well as, I love your dress! The last picture of you guys in the car is my favorite. Greg and I have one similar and there's just something so real and happy and fun about it. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

such gorgeous pictures! We'll be married for 8 years in February. Congratulations. xo