Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lesson Learned: flannel on flannel is not so great

If you have flannel sheets on your bed,

and you wear flannel pants to bed,

you might wake up around 3:30 in the morning, after (apparently) turning over a couple of times, wrapped up so tightly inside your pajama pants that you couldn't move. It might almost be as though you were a caterpillar inside of his cocoon--you would be wrapped up just that tightly.

You might almost not make it to the potty in time, because it took you so long to get unwrapped.

Lesson learned. Do not wear flannel pants when your bed has flannel sheets. No matter how much you love to be cozy and snuggly in yummy, warm flannel.


While I may or may not have woken up grouchy this morning from a less-than-stellar night's sleep, I am now on a high from the fact that it is only 11 a.m. and I have:

  • cleaned my hallway bathroom (including the tub, which, for some reason, was less dirty than I would have imagined it to be)

  • vacuumed my entire house

  • loaded dirty dishes, unloaded clean dishes, and then reloaded more dirty dishes into the dishwasher--PRAISE GOD for dishwashers, by the way

  • done two loads of laundry

  • took some garbage out for garbage day

  • changed my Fall bedding to my Christmas bedding on my bed

  • had learning time with Colin

  • had coloring time with E and Cameron

And, had time to blog about it all. I love laptops.

All of that being done mean that I can spend at least some of the afternoon online, searching cool toys for my littles for Christmas, doing bills (ugh), emailing, and blogging....WOOT!

But for now, I'm off to make Indian headdresses with the boys....


Julie said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy girl today!!

I too, have had the flannel on flannel problem - so I was laughing "with" you, not "at" you...

jillybean said...

Oh, Devin! You have been busy! I slacked off on my blog reading for a few days and I got really behind. So much to comment on and so little time. It looks like you guys have a really great time at your house! :)

I agree with you that those little critters are smarter than they let on!

Unknown said...

ok so bring some of that energy over this way would ya? if you only could see this place right now you would walk right back out and not think twice. oh man. jealous of your energy and your accomplishments. I don't even have time to blog and I am sure you noticed that one.

Unknown said...

would you guys just hurry up and get here already so I don't have to think about it for a whole week?
thanks, that would be great!! seriously