Monday, November 24, 2008

Reasoning, Colin-style

It's not easy to get mad at your son when:

You go into his room for the 4th time,

to find out he is still not asleep for his nap;

you ask him, "Colin, why are you not asleep yet?"

And he says,

"Because Mom, I'm just not at all tired. AND,

I folded all of my blankets up for you, so you would not have to do it."

And you look, and at the end of his bed,

folded (quite nicely) in three little piles,

are his blankets.

Yeah, it's not easy at all to get mad at him for not sleeping after that.

It is, however, very easy to cave in, and let him get up out of his bed.

After all, as he pointed out,

he wasn't tired at all.


Julie said...

You are training him well!! How sweet.

Sorta like when Puckey holds my face in her hands and says, "I love you, my sweet little mama!"

Rachel said...

That is so sweet. Rose is starting to not need a nap every day and it is killing me. She still takes a nap about three days a week but we give it a try every day.
On another note Mike (my husband) was putting Pearl back to bed for the third or fourth time one evening and she was due for a spanking for getting up yet again. He said she kept telling him "no spanking, no thanks, I'm dood (good)." He said after that he just could not give her a spank that night. (He is little bit softer then me on the girls;)
Thanks for the pilgrim girl hat "directions". It does seem pretty simple. The girls and I are going to make them later today.
Have a great Thanksgiving.